Film: The Obama Deception

The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people. The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.



17 thoughts on “Film: The Obama Deception

  1. The other big issue these days is the slavery of American students, who are dying under a mountain of college debt created by big government policies that strip standard consumer protections from student loans and encourage predatory lending.

    I have written extensively about this topic at and most of my friends, conservative and liberal, agree that this is a bad thing for America.

  2. What do you expect Americans to do? They can`t even get Barry to show his birth certificate.
    You Americans are sooooo weak you can`t even get the “MSM” to keep you informed…..The truth is out of the question.
    You people thing Barry`s wife took a “Leave of absence” Right!!
    The truth is that her right to practice law has been suspended.
    If Europe likes Barry so much,why don`t you trade him off.ha ha ha
    You people are so stupid,you have “Ron Paul” on a “No Fly” list ha ha ha ha
    It use to be sad to watch your demise..not any more.You people are even willing to sacrifice your own children to the “NWO” ha ha ha
    The Illegal Aliens are taking everything you have..what are you doing about that…again!! nothing but idle talk.
    I hear that you won`t even be able to grow your own garden if it`s “Organic” Can`t even grow you own vegies ha ha h a
    Again! tell me how the song goes;”Land of the Free”,”Home of the Brave” You should be forced to remove those words from the song,unless!! you sing it on “Saturday Night Live”,You know;as a joke ha ha ha ha
    Your Police ha ha They are becoming real “Freaky People,and! they will Kill you if told to..they only have to be told to,and they will KILL YOU.
    I`ll talk to you suckers later…if your still there HA HA HA
    You people have nothing to stand on,like the love of Freedom…therefore you will sink all the way to the bottom,as low as Whale Shit,or,lower. Please prove me wrong ha ha you can`t can you?”Home of the Brave” ha ha ha ha ha ROFL

  3. Jerry. Since you must be a very intelligent person. I’d like to let you know that although america just might not be all it’s cut out to be, what is going on here is just as much a part of the whole. So you should probably include wherever it is you call home in this little “plan” the men behind the curtain have. Everyone is affected and it is those that think and speak negatively that push these types of things in the first place. We are all in this together Because they have no thought that includes anyone but themselves. And speaking of “little aliens”, if you’ve seen any creatures come into planet earth on a spaceship of some sort let us all know because this planet, this land, this water, these resources belong to every living being on this planet. The problem in the first place is that we brilliant people decide that a piece of land is now ours and no one else. Those people typically act just the way you previously did, laughing at the possibility of others downfalls as if you may not receive your own. I hope you do not.
    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, man will know peace” – Sri Chinmoy Ghose

  4. Jerry,
    Not only did they not get “Barry” to show his birth certificate, but they didn’t get Panama Johnny to show his either!!!

    That said, you are listening/watching too much of Murdock’s products, which call themselves news, when they are actually just entertainment, meant to instill fear, and stir up the masses.

  5. Enough bashing Jerry, he’s just distracting us from the real issue. I think it’s interesting that everyone talks big, but when it comes time for action, no one is there. We hold up the virtues and standards of the founding fathers, and merchandise it to death, but we would never do what they did. Every action taken by our founding fathers was punishable by death. We stand around in protest shouting slogans hoping somebody will pay attention to us, but will we take the real action necessary to stand up and be noticed? Forget violence, forget protesting; will you even write your congressperson? Or will you just sit on the Internet and complain about the direction things are heading then say “I told you so” when the shit hits the fan? Knowledge is only power when you know what to with it.

  6. tamahomejenkins,

    Write to “representatives?” What do you think this nation, America, is all about? Freedom? “Democracy?”

    Really, our so-called representatives sit at their desks masturbating to pictures of little boys and don’t give a rat’s ass about any of us. This country under Obama is rapidly falling into a communist dictatorship and “we the people” have absolutely no voice in anything. People are just plain naive to think otherwise.

    What can any one of us do to rid the country of 30 million illegal Mexicans? What can any of us do to stop Obama and the Moneychangers who do his thinking for him?

    Are we supposed to stand up for what’s “right” and be shot dead by the inmates who run our asylum? What the hell good would that do?

    We don’t live in 1776. We live in a multi-culti fairyland where everyone’s “rights” are more important than his neighbors’. Our news is dominated by dumbass pop culture nonsense to cover up any REAL reporting the MSM might do.

    The media is owned by the same corporations that own our so-called representative government. For 3 weeks now the death of that freak Michael Jackson has dominated the world press, most notably in America. Why? To cover up what Obama and his Moneychangers are doing behind the scenes? Perhaps, but mainly to SELL things. It’a all about merchandising. That twisted freak is on the cover of everything published over here. His death is reported from every possible angle. This clown hasn’t even been a big star for 20 years!

    Well, enough about “him.” America is falling nearly as fast as Britain and that’s scary. The UK is doomed to hell by their goofball “leadership” and we’re right behind them.

    Obama is a soviet-style communist and has been crafted by nefarious forces to do the bidding of the most evil and depraved sub-human reptiles on this planet. Brown, on the other hand, is just a fatass windbag with the brains of a snail.

    So that about covers it for now.

  7. DavidH,

    I can’t do anything about the other 434 reps out there, but I know for a fact that mine listens to me because I email or call her office at least once a week about something. That’s all we can do, and that’s all that is necessary. The second that she ceases to pay attention to me and my neighbors, I’ll vote for someone else, or possibly run for the office myself. Anybody can sit around and whine on the internet about their *predicament* but at the end of the day what have you actually done to effect any change? For example, what is YOUR solution to the illegal immigrant *problem*. I mean, if they get a green card, what will that really change, or would you rather deport them all based on the assumption that all America’s problems are because of illegal immigration? And you can say what you want about Obama being a “soviet-style communist” but if you honestly believe that, you don’t really know what a “soviet-style communist” is.

    Based on your comment, you seem like a person on a rant that doesn’t *really* know what he’s mad at or what he should stand for. The sooner you stop worrying about what’s going on in the White House and concern yourself with what’s going on in the Capitol building, you might get over that. Electoral College, checks and balances, etc. We are supposed to access the government through our representatives; the sooner you realize that, the sooner you might actually help something.

  8. At first, the claims seem like a conspiracy theory, with claims of artificially engineering a global depression, while there are credible alternate explanations for how a depression comes about as a turn down in social mood in human patterned herding as described by Elliott Wave Theory. But if indeed true, it does give an even more sinister angle on the carbon taxes, government takeover of health care, and other bills that the Democrat party has been trying to get passed lately than the explanation of Barack Hussein Obama being a malicious Marxist who fully supports tyranny, fully opposes liberty, and is hell-bent on trying to destroy the greatest nation ever built in the United States of America, which is a sinister enough explanation backed by plenty of evidence. I would have a hard time believing the claim of Al-Qaeda, an Islamic organization which wants every last non-Muslim dead based on Islamic ideology, would be employed by the CIA. From all I have read about Islam, it has had a constant, 1400-year track record of pursuing predatory conquest and genocide. I don’t see how any Islamic group would be caught dead ever aligning itself with what it considers a part of “The Great Satan”. I am aware that the CIA once employed Osama bin Laden in the fight against the old Soviet Union in Afghanistan, but then that Frankenstein’s monster turned on its maker. And if the U.S. government ever does try to disarm the public, it’s war.

  9. Ha Ha!…it’s good to see that even our American friends are starting to get the gist!..
    Problem is that the other 95% of you are still standing crying at a silly piece of cloth flapping in the wind and holding your hands over your hearts whilst buying into all that nationalistic Nazi rubbish

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