Video: Adrian Salbuchi on the Alex Jones Show

Alex talks with researcher, author and speaker, host of the Buenos Aires talk-show El Traductor Radial and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement. Continue reading

Federal Authority Over the Internet? The Cybersecurity Act of 2009

There’s a new bill working its way through Congress that is cause for some alarm: the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 ( PDF summary here), introduced by Senators Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME). The bill as it exists now risks giving the federal government unprecedented power over the Internet without necessarily improving security in the ways that matter most. It should be opposed or radically amended. Continue reading

The New World Order Conspiracy Is A Fact…

At the time of me writing this there are a Series of Un-Constitutional Laws attempting to be passed through our oppressive government. The first is, H.R.1388 and H.R.1444, these laws contain within them the idea of “Mandatory Volunteerism” this idea is uniquely Un-American as it coerces the youth (from middle school up to college) of this country to participate in state approved services and orientation that they would not want to necessarily participate in. Continue reading

Video: Freedom Watch Tax Day – Napolitano

The Tax Day version of Freedom Watch with guests Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Michelle Muccio, Dr. Liam Fox, and Shelly Roche. Continue reading

Video: Ron Paul – Audit The Fed (Campaign For Liberty)

As you can see, Dr. Paul is enthusiastic about our chances, and his spirits are really buoyed by the outpouring of grassroots support.

Now is the time to do more! Continue reading

Oklahoma Senate Passes 10th Amendment Resolution

State Rep. Charles Key today praised the Senate passage of a resolution demanding the federal government cease and desist mandates beyond its authority as designated by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading

Tea’d off about taxes at Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma City – Well over 5,000 people crowded onto the south plaza of the Oklahoma State Capitol Wednesday, taking part in the Tax Day Tea Party movement that has swept America, with 2,500 Tea Parties reportedly taking place nationwide. Continue reading

MSM: Why Are Army Recruiters Killing Themselves?

Last year alone, the number of recruiters who killed themselves was triple the overall Army rate. Like posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, recruiter suicides are a hidden cost of the nation’s wars. Continue reading

MSM: U.S. Foreclosure Index – Foreclosures Soar in March, Up 44 Percent Over February’s High

Completed foreclosures hit another monthly record in March as 175,199 homes were lost to foreclosure, up 44 percent from February’s record high, according to the latest U.S. Foreclosure Index released today by, a leading real estate information provider. Continue reading

Secretive U.S. Prison Units Used to House Muslim, Animal Rights and Environmental Activists

The government is using secretive prison facilities on U.S. soil, called Communication Management Units, to house inmates accused of being tied to “terrorism” groups. They overwhelmingly include Muslim inmates, along with at least two animal rights and environmental activists. Continue reading

Video: National Guard On Alert For Tea Party Protests

The Maryland National Guard has been put on alert in anticipation of today’s nationwide Tea Party protests, while a Homeland Security spokesman refused to deny that protesters would be under surveillance from the DHS.

Continue reading

94 Years of Serfdom – Paul Craig Roberts

This April 15 is the 94th year that Americans have had to file an income tax. For most Americans, the day is a non-event. The federal and state governments have already collected the taxes due by withholding from each paycheck over the course of the calendar year. Most Americans never saw the money and have no real idea that they earned it. Continue reading

Celente Calls for “Revolution” as the Only Solution

Taxed to death, angry at government bailouts, outraged by Wall Street greed, and bitterly resentful of a system that rewards the undeserving rich, the American public is ready to revolt. Continue reading

MSM: US economy goes back to 1955 as deflation returns

The notion that inflation will pick up in the near-term is completely out of the picture,’ said one analyst Continue reading

MSM: Israel’s Peres says Iran aspires to “take over” the Mideast

Israel’s President Shimon Peres said on Monday that Iran aspired to control the Middle East, in his first comments on Egypt’s efforts against the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militant group. Continue reading

Investigating Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Independent investigations and convincing testimonies, on both sides, provide compelling evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza. It’s time to hold the guilty accountable. Continue reading