Video: NLE 09, Possible False Flag Operation?

On 27th July 2009 the United States Of America will be running the National Level Exercise 09 or NLE 09. The Exercise is due to last for 5 days and will include almost every Government, local, federal, state, tribal and even private sector organizations’. The event will also include four other countries the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

NLE 09 will focus around a terrorist scenario, an event will happen outside of the US likely at one of the four countries above, and the exercise will centre on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out further attacks on US soil. It will allow officials to look at the intelligence and information sharing capabilities between intelligence and law enforcement communities as well as across international boarders.

Could this be a US Government and International False Flag Operation?

Firstly, we need to look at what a false flag operation is. It’s an operation, usually conducted by Governments, which is designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities.

These sort of operations have been confirmed to have been carried out by the US and UK a number of times.

So where does that idea of the NLE 09 being a False Flag Operation come from?

Most recently and probably most important are the terror attacks in the US and UK, 9/11 and 7/7.

On the days leading up to September 11th, the US military was conducting training exercises which were simulating aircraft hijackings by terrorists. One of the scenarios they looked at was a London to New York flight, hijacked and planned to be blown up using explosives over New York. When NORAD, America’s Air Defense group was told of the hijackings on the 11th, it took a while for them to realize that this was not a drill, but a live and real hijacking.

On the day of 7th July in London, a large and well respected private company said it had been hired by an un-named organisation to run a large scale exercise in to terrorist activity in London, what a coincidence! However, Peter Power, Managing Director of Crisis Management firm Visor Consultants confirmed on national TV that the exercise was looking at the simultaneous attacks on underground and mainline stations in London, the same stations that were attacked and blown up by terrorists within minutes of the exercise commencing! He said ‘we had to suddenly switch an exercise from fictional to real’.

A presenter from ITV News interviewing Peter Power said ‘You were actually working today, on an exercise that envisioned virtually this scenario’

Peter Power replied, ‘Almost precisely’.

See you tube video below.

So what does it all mean, well it could just be coincidence, however the likely hood of a terrorist attack is very slim, the likely hood of predicting ‘Almost precisely’ what that attack will be is much smaller! One of the suspected purposes of these exercises is to take everyone’s eye off the ball. NORAD and other agencies reacted to the news of a hijacking as if it was part of the exercise, police and other agencies both in the US and UK would be thinking the same. It allows something terrible to happen while those people usually charged with reacting think it’s nothing more than role play.

So could the NLE 09 exercise be something sinister, should we be worried or feel safe in the knowledge that the Government and outside Governments are doing all this preparation to keep us safe. Well there are lots of people out there that feel that Monday, onwards, could be the beginning of another significant attack which will be spookily close to the scenario’s FEMA and other agencies are planning to run, that with everyone focused on playing their part in the role play, it may allow undesirables the chance to carry out an atrocity, either Government sponsored or with those in power conveniently looking the other way.

I guess only time will tell, we aren’t usually ones for conspiracy peddling, but I guess we will have to watch this space!

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