Americans are being set up

Radio-host Hal Turner, the self-proclaimed white supremacist admitted to be a FBI informant., This of course means with near certainty that he is an agent provocateur.

Info War reports:.

Earlier this year Turner told his blog readers to “take up arms” against Connecticut lawmakers. He also said government officials should “obey the Constitution or die.” In June he wrote that the Illinois federal appeals judges “deserve to be killed” because they issued a ruling that upheld ordinances in Chicago and suburban Oak Park banning handguns. Turner included photos of the judges and the room numbers of their chambers at the courthouse.

All his hate-mongering should create enough hatred among some duped followers so they would become violent, riot, murder politicians or ordinary African or Jewish Americans. The FBI then would react on this “hatred”, and the new American hate-crime bill would give them the power to arrest everybody in the citizens´opposition, even those who are non-violent, even those who are not racist at all, but are opposed to the current corruption in the political and economic system.

This isn´t a new tactic, obviously.

Under COINTELPRO in the 1960s and early 70s, the FBI used a variety of dirty tricks against its targets including wiretapping and assassination — as well as the use of agents provocateurs — in coordination with state and local police…

The FBI, acting as the establishment’s political secret police, continues to undermine political movements the elite consider dangerous and a threat to their control and influence.

Members of the patriot movement in particular should take note of Turner’s revelations. The government is not interested in subverting the globalist foundation comprised and neutered so-called left but rather a growing patriot movement that demands an end to the Federal Reserve, a return to a constitutional republic, and resistance to predatory globalism and world government.

We now know for instance, that the American elites have founded the KuKluxKlan.
Later on while supposedly fighting it, the FBI more often than not supported it and provoked the violence.

Bureau intelligence “assets” were neither neutral observers nor objective investigators, but active participants in beatings, bombings and murders that claimed the lives of some 50 civil rights activists by 1964. . . .

The FBI was instrumental in building the Ku Klux Klan in the South, “setting up dozens of Klaverns, sometimes being leaders and public spokespersons. Gary Rowe, an FBI informant, was involved in the Klan killing of Viola Liuzzo, a civil rights worker. He claimed that he had to fire shots at her rather than ‘blow his cover.’ One FBI agent, speaking at a rally organized by the Klavern he led, proclaimed to his followers, ‘We will restore white rights if we have to kill every negro to do it. . . .’”

Remember the movie Mississippi Burning, based on the real events of the murder of three civil rights workers in a small Alabama town?

The local KuKluxKlan had incited some of the towns people to the murders.
Then the FBI descended with a whole army onto the town, a socially backward place where white and black people were equally poor and uneducated.
Even the use of torture to gain information, was being justified in the movie (according to the testimony of Gregory S. Scarpa Jr, son of FBI informant and torturer Scarpa, the torture scene in the movie was not fictional).

The movie makes the point that African Americans and Jewish Americans are in the same boat as persecuted and discriminated against.

The reality is very different, as always. While African Americans are still a underprivileged group in the American population with lower avarage income, living conditions and educational standard than other population groups, Jewish Americans are the most privileged of all, with incomes far above all other population groups.

Fast forward from the 1960s in Alabama to the 1980s in Oklahoma:
In the 1988 movie “Betrayed” we saw the same theme:
White people kill black people for sports and target Jewish people and the government. This time the tale is altogether fictional. But it succeeds in portraying the rural people of Oklahoma as senseless insane racists and anti-Zionists (remember ZOG) as ruthless mass-murderers.

This was the perfect set-up for what happened on on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

We know by now, that the official story of the Oklahoma bombing was a lie (read the WHR article):

At least two more bombs were found on the scene, but later denied…
Additional bombs are also reported in this CNN transcript and public records.
The Murrah building was not destroyed by a single truck bomb – the Eglin blast effects study and General Partin’s Report prove this is the case.

The Murrah Building Cover-up (literally):

The minister who married my wife and I was in OK City right after the Murrah Building bomb(s) exploded, and he volunteered to help dig for survivors. He told of three very odd occurrences. In the first, he was required to show his ID six times before being allowed to help look for survivors. In the second, he confirmed the stories told by others that men in suits and ties were literally stepping over the wounded in their haste to gather up files and certain other items in the debris.

Lastly, and the oddest story of all, he told of more men in suits and ties taping plastic sheeting over portions of the building wreckage! The plastic sheeting used was very thin, could not possibly provide any mechanical support for the covered items, and seemed to serve no other purpose than to conceal the wrapped object from view. This story has also been confirmed by other witnesses.

All this points directly to an American government, speak FBI involvement, in the bombing.

The tactic is clear:

Make some segments of the population look bad, dangerous, insane and violent, then create a false-flag terror event – and in this way create public support for a dictatorial police state, suspension of civil rights and persecution of any opposition.

9/11 was supposed to justify an endless war against foreign peoples, agent provocateurs calling for riots and other acts of violence inside the country are supposed to create a justification for a war against the American people itself, a war led by their own police and military on the behalf of their rich, corrupt and powerful elites.

Source: Notsylvia WordPress Blog

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