The Climate Change Propaganda Machine

(C4L) – In the last several weeks we have learned several new facts about climate change research. First, climate scientists’ motives are biased. Second, scientists actively discussed how to achieve political ends through their research. Third, and more disturbingly, the public has learned of discarded data, attempts to keep opposing views silent, and total political adherence to an ideology. Yet, without thinking twice, the main stream media and President Obama have shrugged off the controversy and continued boldly with their partisan agenda. It is clear the science behind climate change is biased and disputed, leaving the propaganda machine as the only fact that remains. Continue reading

Afghanistan: Withdraw Rapidly and Completely – Ron Paul

Mr. Speaker thank you for holding these important hearings on US policy in Afghanistan. I would like to welcome the witnesses, Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry and General Stanley A. McChrystal, and thank them for appearing before this Committee. Continue reading

JFK Assassination. False Flag Attacks: How “Patsies” are Framed – Jim Fetzer and Jim Marrs

Madison, WI (OpEdNews) November 20, 2009 — Professor Hany Farid, a member of the computer science faculty at Dartmouth, in a recent article injected himself into a long-running dispute concerning the authenticity of photographs related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. These photos reportedly of the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald are collectively known as “the backyard photographs.” Continue reading

The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9 /11 Truth Movement – Reflections on a Recent Evaluation of Dr. David Ray Griffin

The cover story of the September 24, 2009, issue of The New Statesman, the venerable left-leaning British magazine, was entitled “The 50 People who Matter Today.”(1) Any such list, necessarily reflecting the bias and limited awareness of the editors, would surely contain choices that readers would find surprising. Continue reading

Climate Change: Leaders of the Rich World are Enacting a Giant Fraud

Every delegate to the Copenhagen summit is being greeted by the sight of a vast fake planet dominating the city’s central square. This swirling globe is covered with corporate logos – the Coke brand is stamped over Africa, while Carlsberg appears to own Asia, and McDonald’s announces “I’m loving it!” in great red letters above. “Welcome to Hopenhagen!” it cries. It is kept in the sky by endless blasts of hot air. Continue reading

Bernanke’s Fake Economic Recovery – Mike Whitney

Economic recovery” is a term that has no fixed meaning. But it’s worth mulling over to determine whether aggregate demand is strong enough to keep the economy from tipping back into recession. In normal times, the Fed slashes interest rates to increase the flow of capital to the markets and to consumers via lending at the banks. That’s the traditional method of “jump starting” the economy. Continue reading

Review of Financial Markets: The Call from Obama is for more Leverage and more Debt

(BobChapman) – Congressional appropriators agreed Tuesday night to give civilian federal employees a 2 percent pay increase — which includes a locality pay increase President Obama didn’t want. Continue reading

Unemployment Insurance in a War Bill

Sometimes it’s relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina, sometimes it’s hate crimes legislation, sometimes it’s education funding for veterans. One day soon it will be free kittens for children with cancer. It’s always something. It’s always something that could pass just fine on its own. But it’s included as lipstick on the recurring and ever-fattening pigs of U.S. politics: war funding bills. Continue reading

Video: Hundreds Demanding Globalist Agenda Arrested at Copenhagen

(KurtNimmo) – Duped by the junk science of the climate change scam, thousands of people rallied in Copenhagen to demand immediate implementation of the globalist agenda to deliver “rich nations” into a New Dark Age. Bamboozled protesters called for an end to “capitalism,” “tough measures on climate change,” and “action instead of words.” Continue reading

Globalist carbon tax scheme: Redemption for sale

The global warming/climate change mythology is the greatest hoax the private International Monetary/Banking Cartel has ever tried to pull off: With the passage of the Copenhagen Climate Treaty provisions, world governance and unlimited taxes will fall into the hands of private, monopoly capitalists, while many socialists, communists, and environmentalists ignorantly support this international takeover, falsely thinking that the treaty’s many laws, regulations, and directives are socialistic, and will thus help improve our badly deteriorating environment. Continue reading

Carlyle, Kissinger, SAIC and Halliburton: A 9/11 Convergence

(911Blogger) – Careful investigation leads one to notice that a number of intriguing groups of people and organizations converged on the events of September 11th, 2001. An example is the group of men who were members of Cornell University’s Quill & Dagger society. This included Paul Wolfowitz, National Security Advisors Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley, Marsh & McLennan executive Stephen Friedman, and the founder of Kroll Associates, Jules Kroll. Another interconnected group of organizations is linked to these Cornell comrades, and is even more interesting in terms of its members being integral to the events of 9/11, and having benefited from those events. Continue reading

MSM: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama’s Latest Big Brother Plan

(Fox) – The Obama administration seeks to empower a very powerful government agency you have probably never heard of with new and expanded powers that will have a direct consequence on every American if they are successful in their efforts to implement national health care reforms. Continue reading

Video: John Perkins – Was Iceland a Target for Economic Hit Men?

(Nov 19) – John Perkins, author of Hoodwinked and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, blames Iceland’s economic collapse on the tactics of economic hit men from multi-national corporations. Continue reading

Emergency Jobless Insurance Claims Surge By Most Ever In Prior Week

(ZeroHedge) – The number you won’t hear mentioned anywhere in the Mainstream Media: 327,729. That is how many people shifted to Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs in the last week alone, hitting an all time record high of 4.2 million! So as everyone is focused on the benign picture of initial claims in the last week which was “only” 474,000, the number of people rolling off continuing benefits has exploded and is now a stunning 592,579 only in the last two week. Continue reading

2nd bombshell of the afternoon – White House shuts down Senate health care debate in effort to kill drug importation amendment on behalf of Big Pharma

Hey, the White House finally woke up. It seems their friends in Big Pharma almost had something included in the bill that they didn’t like. So the White House is working with a Democratic Senator to shut down the entire Senate debate on the bill until the offending amendment, that Big Pharma doesn’t like, is killed. From Ryan Grimm at Huffington Post. Continue reading

Video: Epic Media Fail – Will CBC Cover Climategate?

Mark from Truth Action Ottawa called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to find out why Canadians were being subjected to a flurry of pro-AGW propaganda as the Climategate scandal was breaking on the internet. CBC has had almost no coverage whatsoever of this incredibly important story, and Canadians need to know the facts heading into the Copenhagen summit. Continue reading

Video: Tom Harris on Alex Jones Tv – ICSC Demands Proof From U.N. on Human/Co2 Damage

The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC – see http://www.climatescienceinternationa… today released the names of over 140 leading climate experts from 17 countries who are asking the United Nations and other supporters of this month’s Climate Change Conference to produce convincing OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE for their claims of dangerous human-caused global warming (AGW) and other changes in climate. Continue reading

Video: Ron Paul on Alex Jones Tv – The Federal Reserve Day’s are Numbered!!

Alex welcomes back Ron Paul, Republican Congressman for the 14th congressional district of Texas, former presidential candidate, founder of the advocacy group Campaign for Liberty, sponsor of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, and author of the best-selling book The Revolution and End the Fed. Continue reading

Video: The Alex Jones Show – The Eugenicists Are Taking Over!!!

Alex reaches deep down and delivers a powerful message to those who are on the fence or still not woken up yet. The Eugenicists are making their move, so what are YOU going to do about it? Continue reading

Middle East News

(PressTV) – EU ready to accompany UNSC against Iran

The EU has warned that it will accompany the UN Security Council in punitive action should Iran fail to provide a ‘clear response’ over its nuclear work. Read More Here

(Haaretz) – IDF simulates missile attacks, war against Syria and Hezbollah

The Israel Defense Forces carried out two extensive drills this week, simulating war and national emergency situation. Read More Here

(PressTV) – 3rd A/H1N1 virus wave approaching Iran

Iran’s Minister of Health Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi has called on Iranians to be prepared for the third wave of A/H1N1 virus which is approaching the country from Europe. Read More Here

(AntiWar) – One Step Closer to Unilateral Sanctions Against Iran

Congress has given new momentum to a bill imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran — a move seen by many as an ineffective form of sanctions and potentially antagonistic against valuable U.S. allies on the U.N. Security Council. This comes ahead of the end of the year deadline set by U.S. President Barack Obama for Tehran to respond to a proposed agreement to export most of its enriched uranium for processing in Russia and France. Read More Here

(PressTV) – Russia, China disagree with West over Iran sanctions

A Western drive to impose a new set of tougher sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program may prove to lose momentum due to strong opposition from Russia and China. Read More Here

(RawStory) – Western envoys threaten Iran with new UN sanctions

Western powers upped the pressure on Iran Thursday, threatening to push for new UN sanctions early next year if Tehran continues to defy demands to halt its sensitive nuclear fuel work. Read More Here

(Telegraph) – Iran seeks nuclear parts through Taiwan

UN officials are investigating claims that Iran has established a new smuggling network using companies based in Taiwan to acquire specialised equipment that could be used to make nuclear weapons. Read More Here