Compassion and Responsibility – Campaign for Liberty

It’s my opinion that the root of many of modern America’s problems (and perhaps modern society across the globe in general) is a lack of compassion. Let me explain what I mean by this. People used to live together in a neighborhood and talk to one another. When this happens, people form a bond. No longer is the guy next door just another stranger, but now there is a personal connection to him. You begin to care for him. When folks had less distractions in their lives (i.e. television, computer, iPod, cell phone) they were more apt to hang out in the neighborhood with their neighbors. This is how people came to look out for one another and be interested in each other’s problems and share in each other’s accomplishments. When someone achieved something, everyone (or a number of others) were happy, and when tragedy struck someone, everybody felt it; not just the person/family whom the tragedy struck.

What am I getting at here? The key is compassion. Compassion was able to develop under a situation such as this. We call it community. Where there’s compassion there is care. People used to care about one another. It’s hard to make that statement today. To break things down even further, the key to a caring community really starts within the family. A strong family is the root for growth and development and interaction within a healthy community. (OK, now I’m sounding like some cheesy self help guy on a talk show– sorry!) But this is true. Families used to also be more involved in one another’s lives. Individuals within the family weren’t living in their own little worlds as much as they are today. Again, technology, sadly, has been the impetus behind this isolation. With the advent of television and then multiple televisions in each room of a household and eventually the personal computer, people began to do their own thing apart from the family. This is where isolation begins, and it spreads into the community like a cancer. Compassion begins to die since a person is no longer forming those necessary bonds with other family members or neighbors. Without those bonds, it’s really not possible to view someone else in a personal, caring way. Therefore, that sense of indifference sets in. And this is where we find ourselves today, unfortunately.

A seriously related issue to all of this is responsibility for oneself– the sense of which has been stripped away by an increasing reliance upon government aid instead of one’s own ability and resilience. When people cannot rely upon one another for assistance when facing hard times, (which surely they cannot within the confines of a dysfunctional community) they have nowhere to turn but to the hand of the government. This, by the way, is exactly what the government wants. Anyone who thinks the government wants to foster strong, intelligent, self-reliant, independent minded citizens is really fooling themselves. People with these characteristics are dangerous to the establishment because they wield true power and will not succumb to a corrupt, despotic government. They will not hand over the fruits of their labor to a thief. Seeds of passivity must first be sown and the intelligence must be blunted before such people would freely hand over their wealth. This is exactly what has happened over the course of the last century in America. The indomitable American spirit has been quelled, and quite purposely.

People like the ones mentioned above foster and encourage the same qualities in others. What this leads to is a nation of do-it-yourselfers and go-getters. Men like these really have no need for an all-encompassing government like the one we have in place today. Soon, the government finds that its citizens no longer need it, and the compromised and corrupted men working for it now find themselves with no one to feed off of; no one to steal wealth away from any longer. And so the need for the establishment to conquer that independent, responsible spirit within each of us becomes clear. And the tactics they have undertaken are revealed and make sense within the context framed above.

So what can you do to change all of this? Simple: start caring! Begin to develop positive relationships with the people around you—your family, your neighbors, your coworkers. By doing this you are creating a bond with people which will nurture the sense of compassion within each of us. These bonds will then go on to form the basis of a strong community; a place where people can rely not only on themselves, but on each other and can quit relying on the government.

Source: Networked Blogs

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