Video: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Secret Societies [EPISODE 5]

Jesse Ventura and a team of expert investigators are on a mission to examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time.

15 thoughts on “Video: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Secret Societies [EPISODE 5]

  1. Excellent information and incredible story.I commend and congratulate all people that have the guts to expose these thugs for what they are and risk their lives for humanity. People all over the world need to be more educated and defend themselves with all means necessary and get their lives back-whatever it takes! I hope that anyone involved directly or indirectly in the Bilderburg group get exposed to their own medicine and die a slow and agonizing death!

  2. Its about time the truth is being told. They should be hunted and brought to justice. Never happen because Americans are dumb ass fools who let these Psycho’s run the world. Welcome to Phycho Planet Earth.

  3. One part of the control complex is the domination of health care by the “Bigs” – Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Agra, big Insurance, Big Finance, Big Govt… Part of the response to the attempt to control us is to Push Back against the control agenda.

    General Stubblebine is the President of the Natural Solutions Foundation and opines, “Health Freedom is Our First Freedom” because without it, the others are nearly impossible to enjoy. Insanely anti-natural solutions regulations; dangerous, uninsurable, unsafety-tested vaccines; looming (sic) “Food Safety” legislation that may destroy family farms and ranchs, community and home gardens and food production; untested GMOs; World Food Code “Codex” HARMonization of our freedoms with international restrictions… there are many areas in which our health freedom is threatened.

    So one thing you can do, Margaux, is to join the Health Freedom Action eAlert list at and take the simple action steps you’ll find in the weekly email bulletin. We work through an online portal that lets us direct supporters’ messages to their state and national legislators, etc. We’ve found that large-scale, concerted Push Back works! See:

    Ralph Fucetola JD
    Natural Solutions Trustee

  4. sounds like a load of bull to me. but i dunno i could be true but it just sounds like a load of paranoid freaks to me.

  5. yes we are on the road to recovery as well as apocalypse.
    there is no vengeance in god other than natural law which he created in his word and ten commandments and the son he gave us so we would not only be martyred but forgiven of our own sins of vengeance. vengeance on this plane is given by gods nemesis satan who wishes a false christ of his own and a harvest of souls on the earth by his own methods. gods plan will work…satans will not in the end. god knows the future satan does not. we do need messengers of god in this time as they needed a thousand years before christs initial ministries. the second advent needs its own chosen to do this work. so do not feel abused or insulted or imposed on by the prophecy and the conspiracy. it is all related. to take what truth you can,and then “WALK THE WALK”

  6. Its time to stand up to these evil people. Wake up Americans these people mean what they say. This infor has confirmed to me what I thought to be going on. These convicts are running our country into the ground. Its all happening by design. I know they run our political process.


  8. insurance companies like AIG and their big corporate payoffs are even as big as big oil and big pharma because they cater to the elite if the military industrial complex on both sides of the pond my freinds. these are the companies that insure the fat cat researchers and their black budgets for aerospace industries,universities,area-51,s,etc.
    did a lot of research and found this out. guess why they dont touch firms like this(they are connected heavily to wall st,but never get touched. only a few scapegaots in wall st)
    … See More
    you are all blameing the wrong folks for the impending downfall of this once great nation.
    we have played a double game in europe-asia,and elsewhere as well as the usa when it comes to funding the heavily derivatived hides of these very elite and talented folks.

    charles buchanan

  9. Mr ventura, i want to express the knowledge of what you are saying, ia m a direct involved study and “lab rat” for their experiment not only on the emf frequency and optical but within the cia there are more societies, and more studies than even you know of, in 1972 my hell started with the cia, now in 2010 even our most utmost secretive technology is being exercised by the local law enforcement agencies, which has allowed the corrupted officers to expand the corruption through gangs, drugs, and has put many of our lives at risk, just because now with the development of the ELITE such as myself, we have exposed elected officials attacking persons or groups that are battling over drug teritories etc…. somehow these people have gotten to the programs for which the mind control etc that you have spoken of, and turned these elite agents of the cia into time bombs, we are good people, but as it goes, when does a good man know when to kill, answer: when we are attacked, and when our families possessions are put in this kind of danger,,,,,,WE KILL….. only as necessity, and for the protection of our constitution and our country……

    remember we are human beings, not robots not monsters that we are made out to be, most of us have loving families, and beautiful children….but …..we are not the ones to pick on, they have, prepared those of us in this program for one thing ELIMINATE NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS… know that i don’t have to lie….but those who read this that are on the side that are attacking those like me, WE WILL ALL UNITE AGAINST YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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