AGAIN!! Fighter Jets Scrambled Because of Unruly Airline Passenger

The bullshit-meter just blew up…. I will point out that on 9/11, fighter jets NEVER came for an hour and a half! According to 9/11 Commission hearing testimony by the Secretary of Transportation at the time Norman Mineta, top officials including Vice President Dick Cheney were aware that another plane was incoming and hostile. -Brian

related story: Fighter Jets Escort Plane After Passenger Becomes Unruly

source: CNN

In the second such incident in three days, fighter jets escorted a diverted commercial flight on Friday after an unruly passenger caused alarm onboard.

The military sent up two F-16s in response to reports of an unruly passenger aboard AirTran Flight 39, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said in a statement.

The passenger had become belligerent and refused to leave the restroom, airline spokesman Tad Hutcheson told CNN on Friday. The passenger appeared to be intoxicated, he said.

The flight, bound for San Francisco, California, left Atlanta, Georgia, at 9:48 a.m. ET, according to AirTran’s Web site.

NORAD dispatched the fighters at 1:44 p.m. ET, escorting the aircraft to a safe emergency landing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, officials said. The passenger was detained there and FBI agents from Denver, Colorado, were called to question passengers, Hutcheson said.

The other passengers were scheduled to continue their trip at 4:30 p.m. ET, he said.

On Wednesday, NORAD escorted a Hawaii-bound plane back to its origination city of Portland, Oregon, after a passenger gave a flight attendant a note that was interpreted as being threatening, the federal complaint and supporting affidavit said Friday.


One thought on “AGAIN!! Fighter Jets Scrambled Because of Unruly Airline Passenger

  1. Yes, the bullshit meter is knee-deep in bullshit. How can people be so stupid? How likely is it that a terrorist is going to be unruly or intoxicated? Terrorists are likely the calmest person on board–they will be calm, cool, and collected. They have been trained for this, they have meditated about it. They are not going to drink, or make the slightest ruckus on a plane UNTIL they hijack it! The same goes for their new “behavior” and brain scanners. People can be agitated for any number of reasons, ESPECIALLY when travelling, and a “psychopathic murderous terrorist” will perform without a qualm. They will be submissive and do EVERYTHING to NOT have attention drawn to them. All of this is just show to terrify all of US!
    Also, if these airline personnel are so “terrified” of their jobs, then why don’t they get new jobs? This is what you get when glorified waitresses are “trained” as security personnel. Now they aren’t even attractive anymore, but just low-level peons power-tripping on authority they neither have the training, nor the mental or emotional capacity for. BTW, why even serve alcohol on these flights if they’re going to get mad at somebody for getting drunk? Instead of calling the Air Force, why not stop selling the booze?

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