Film: Vancouver 2010 – False Security, Real Terror

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Please Note: We have focused really hard on getting the film out this early but a lot of our time was spent gathering information so the film is not perfect, however the key thing is to take in what is in the film and to share it with everyone so they have the knowledge about a possible false flag which this film informs of very well. Just keep in mind we didn’t put in nearly as much as we wanted to and could have presented it better had we given ourselves more time, but it’s not meant to be pretty just informative.

WARNING – Part 1 is a long Intro(Music)
Part 1 of 11

Part 2 of 11

Part 3 of 11

Part 4 of 11

Part 5 of 11

Part 6 of 11

Part 7 of 11

Part 8 of 11

Part 9 of 11

Part 10 of 11

Part 11 of 11

5 thoughts on “Film: Vancouver 2010 – False Security, Real Terror

  1. Part 3 and the rest of the parts are coming soon the film is completed, I’m just having problems cutting it down for youtube but I’m almost done it’ll be up before the day is done.

  2. You have an important message regarding a possible ‘false flag’ attack, so why the 3 minute intro? I’m not interested in how clever someone is at putting the intro together, just the message. After 2 minutes of watching the intro I wasn’t sure if you were trying to get your message out or looking for a video award. Far too many vids on 9/11, false flag etc appear too self indulgent with regard to effects.
    Just stick to what you want people to know and I’m sure you will grab a wider audience. Fancy effects may appeal to the young but older audiences (like myself) will, I fear, be turned off by such long intros.

  3. Fantastic you guys, I do agree in the sense that if I didn’t know what the message was, I would have tuned out from such a long music intro. Looks great, but I am concerned that the intro will lose too many potential viewers.
    You all are soooo talented though, I wouldn’t have the talent to do such a project!

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