‘Has the FBI Infiltrated the Tea Parties?’ – Lew Rockwell

A friend asked me that question yesterday. Of course, I said. We know that Homeland Security considers Ron Paul supporters and other libertarians to be potential terrorists (which is all you need to know about the state’s use of that term). In the 1970s, the FBI had agents at the tiny Libertarian party’s conventions. Now the FBI and other spy agencies are vastly bigger.

Lew Rockwell
March 26, 2010

There are the federal and state DHSs. Then there is the CIA, other intelligence agencies, and what used to be called the Red Squads of state and local police departments. There are probably hundreds of thousands of government spies in the land of the free. And as with all such efforts, a number will be agents provocateurs. The police state’s “right-wing extremists,” like the “left-wing extremists” of yore, will set out to cause trouble so as to discredit opposition to the state. For example, recent Tea Party people who allegedly denounced a Parkinson’s patient or spat at gay and black congressmen might well have been agents. Offensive signs might be Made in DC too. Next might come calls for violence by alleged Tea Party types, and perhaps acts, which can be used to suppress dissent. Peaceful resistance is not only right, it is all that works, unless you are with the state. If anyone urges the use of violence, the state’s characteristic action, he is probably an agent.

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One thought on “‘Has the FBI Infiltrated the Tea Parties?’ – Lew Rockwell

  1. of coarse they did, sara palin is claiming to be the leader isn’t she???
    the people have been infiltrated and destroyd again!!!

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