The Alex Jones Show

(March 26) – Video: Alex Covers Marxist Media Demonizing Tea Partiers – Video Link Here

(March 26) – Video: Alex Breaks Down McCain-Graham S.3081 Indefinite Detention & Torture Bill – Video Link Here

(March 27) – Video: Alex Breaks Down Left-Wing Blame Game as Nothing More Than a False Flag

Alex breaks down how the far-left always attack themselves only to blame it on their counter parts, which means it’s only a matter of time before they set-up the American people for a false flag event to usher in full martial law giving the U.N. total control of the USA for good. Video Link Here

(March 27) – Alex Jones Inside CNN Attack Piece

In this important interview attempting to link the Patriot movement and the Tea Parties with “violence”, Alex Jones shows us what goes on behind the scenes of the CNN attack piece apparently set on demonizing tea parties and pro-Constitutional movements as “violent”.

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Video: Bob Chapman Covers Economic Power Grab by Banking Cartel on Alex Jones

Alex talks with regular guest Bob Chapman. Mr. Chapman publishes The International Forecaster, a newsletter of timely and in-depth coverage on the economy and world economic events. Chapman became a stockbroker in 1960 and retired in 1988. He owned and wrote the Gary Allen Report, which had 30,000 subscribers. From 1976 to present he has spoke and given workshops at over 200 business conferences worldwide, and has been on radio and TV hundreds of times. Continue reading