Video: Fluoride in Campbell’s soup; Hutaree thoughts; political comments

(TenebroustVLog) – Campbell’s Soup replied to my straightforward question about fluoride in the water they use for their products. The letter was a masterpiece of dissembling. I hate when people skirt questions. As far as I’m concerned it is enough to convince me that they use fluoridated water. I have some further thoughts on the Hutaree militia raid and the fact that informants and outright agents have infiltrated most if not all of these types of groups. I would not be surprised if the informant/agent egged the people on in what they may have been doing, if it’s anything at all. We are under the all seeing eye of big brother. Some political commentary on my views and promoting individual thinking.

3 thoughts on “Video: Fluoride in Campbell’s soup; Hutaree thoughts; political comments

  1. I agree, nothing is more aggravating than listening to a computer, diguised as a “human”, failing to answer a question and pretending they`re some sort of righteous law abiding godfather to boot.
    Congrats Sakerfa, for being a red blood cell in an apathetic phlegmatic sea of infections.
    Recharge the batteries and hear one of my old music videos posted on my blog. Make no mistake, with each passing day, your refreshing pep talks chip a little more of the hardened brain sand away. is also recommended and listed in my blog.

    Sincerely, Jukit

  2. It was determined since 2004, through testing by various water utilities, whereby it had been discovered, that anywhere from 300, to 316 contaminants or pollutants, were found to exist in the tap water that Americans normally drink.

    This was reported by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and, based on the drinking water quality analysis, of almost 20 million records, obtained from state water officials.

    After reading the report on EWG’s website, I then went through the actual list of the “pollutants/contaminants” by clicking on the tab labeled “Chemical Contaminants.”

    Much to my surprise, I could not find such chemicals as; Acrylamide or Polyacrylamide. It was neither listed as a pollutant or a contaminant, in this tap water study…how strange?

    The strange thing is: Acrylamide is used to make polyacrylamide materials. Polyacrylamide is used in the treatment of drinking-water, and waste water, where it is used to remove particles and other impurities. It is also used to make glues, paper and cosmetics. Polyacrylamide materials contain very small amounts of acrylamide.

    What is the problem?

    Acrylamide is known to cause cancer in animals. Also, certain doses of acrylamide are toxic to the nervous systems of both animals and, humans.

    Further to this; it appeared to have been neglected for mention; that several states across the contiguous U.S., are artificially fluoridating their drinking water supplies, with toxic industrial chemical pollutants, e.g., Fluorosilicic Acid/Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (HFS/HFSA).

    Link to the full story:
    Don’t Go Near The Water.

  3. Fluoride is pure poison, is is a very serious endocrine disruptor, as evidenced by hypothyroidism. The York University study in England proved years ago that massive fraud is going on to push this brain damaging poison into us (ah! to be a simple reptilian, happy with rolling round in DU dust all day eh?). The York University scientists lied and said that using fluoride in Cuba was successful and had produced a notable reduction in the incidence of dental caries. The murderous scum were lying through their teeth as usual, the real truth being that when Cuba stopped using the stuff, there was in fact a huge percentage reduction in the incidence of dental caries throughout the population.

    The nastiest thing of all about this stuff is that it prevents neuron dendrites from growing and stops linking up between the dendrites in the brain, condemning us all to some degree of enforced cretinism. If you can’t remember information or process what you do remember, or even use the 100 or so types of IQ we are supposed to have to their proper extent, we are not being allowed to even experience our own incarnation within this body properly, or experience being guided to higher states of consciousness through it. There is no good purpose in us being stymied like this, what the hell do these people think they are doing? It is like being given a car with no engine in it, we will go nowhere! Fluoride massively limits the natural production of phosphatidylserine in the brain, it is this that would normally cause the neuron dendrites in the brain to lengthen and form ganglions as they link together. I recommend you all buy some, it is very cheap, about £11 a month, just see what happens to your brain when you take it, and see how you have been cheated out of life itself by being trapped in a half alive brain all your lives, it was like switching on a light in a darkened room for me.

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