Video: Black Rev. Calls Accusations the Tea Party is Racist an “Out-and-out Lie”

(KurtNimmo) – If you listen to Chris Matthews and MSNBC, you’d think the Tea Party movement is strictly white and teaming with racists.

The corporate media pushes this fallacy because it is the only card they have to play and because racism is such a divisive issue. If the establishment can portray the Tea Party movement as racist, they believe they can shut it down and marginalize its message.

Kurt Nimmo
April 17, 2010

Rev. C.L. Bryant, from Shreveport, Louisiana — who is black American — put this vicious propaganda to rest last year, not that we can expect Matthews and crew — who are obsessed with race and playing the race card — to cite Bryant is an example that black Americans support and are members of the Tea Party movement.

“A Louisiana minister says he hopes more pastors join him in the Tea Party movement,” the Associated Press reports today.

The Rev. C.L. Bryant has been addressing Tea Party rallies around the country. On Thursday’s federal tax filing deadline, he spoke at rallies in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC.

Bryant, who is African-American, says allegations that Tea Party activists are racists and haters are “an out-and-out lie.”

But he says, “This country, I believe, was given to us divinely, and Americans are not the type of people by nature to be ruled over.”

Here is a video of Rev. Bryant’s speech on September 12, 2009:

Pathetic SPLC attempt to portray the Tea Party as racist.

Failed Air America host Janeane Garofalo calls “teabaggers” racist.

MSNBC lies about Tea Party racial slurs and homophobic taunts.

Conclusive evidence Rep. Emanuel Cleaver was not spat upon. He wandered too close to a screaming protester.

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