(Guardian) – Climate scientist sues newspaper for ‘poisoning’ global warming debate

Climate modeller Andrew Weaver launches libel action in Canada for publishing ‘grossly irresponsible falsehoods’ Read More Here

(FreedomPub) – Global Warming to Blame for Icelandic Volcanic Eruption

So says Alan Weisman, the author of the best-selling book, The World Without Us — which, considering the tone of his latest piece on, seems to be more of a wish than a prediction. Read More Here

(Guardian) – Pachauri: Despite attacks from critics, climate science will prevail

The chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change acknowledges it has been a rough few months for his organization. But, he argues, no amount of obfuscation and attacks by conspiracy theorists will alter the basic facts — global warming is real and intensifying. Read More Here

(BriefingRoom) – Climategate whitewash excoriated by climate scientists – Judith Curry

While bloggers like OpenParachute’s Ken Perrott and Hot Topic’s Gareth Renowden have tried to claim vindication from the Oxburgh whitewash, many actual scientists have seen the ‘inquiry’ for the scam that it is.

America’s Judith Curry is one of those:

Criticisms of the Oxburgh report that have been made include:  bias of some of the members including the Chair, not examining the papers that are at the heart of the controversies, lack of consideration of the actual criticisms made by Steve McIntyre and others, and a short report with few specifics that implies a superficial investigation.  When I first read the report, I thought I was reading the executive summary and proceeded to look for the details;  well, there weren’t any. And I was concerned that the report explicitly did not address the key issues that had been raised by the skeptics. Upon reading Andrew Montford’s analysis, I learned:  “So we have an extraordinary coincidence – that both the UEA submission to the [UK Parliament’s Science and Technology]  Select Committee and Lord Oxburgh’s panel independently came up with almost identical lists of papers to look at, and that they independently neglected key papers like Jones 1998 and Osborn and Briffa 2006.” I recall reading this statement from one of the blogs, which seems especially apt:  the fire department receives report of a fire in the kitchen; upon investigating the living room, they declare that there is no fire in the house.

There’s far more at the Curry link above. Source: Here

(NoConsensus) – The Stern Review Scandal

The IPCC broke three of its own rules when it cited the Stern Review 25 times in 12 chapters. Read More Here

(Fox) – Fox News: Calls for Investigation of Climategate Grow

One thought on “Climategate

  1. Why should we believe these pro global warming characters now since we have watched and heard them rubbing their collective hands in gleeful anticipation of all those carbon trading dollars/credits that will come their way. They have lost their credibility in my eyes and those of much of the world. If they want to tax us/kill us (too many of us) then so be it but let us not willingly walk into the “showers”. In Rome, they crucified people as much as a way to terrorize the population into submission to the Powers That Be.(as much as a means of punishment). Today they are using the Threat of Terrorism so we give up our freedoms for security against attacks and tax us into the grave. Here is a simple thought…

    Why should terrorists want to kill and maim the very people they are seeking to support them? I know this was somewhat off topic but right now ALL of these aspects are coming together to form a tapestry of a hell on earth. Global Warming, chemtrails(is the cure worse than the disease?), Biowarfare, HAARP, Mind Control, Banks gathering all the Money and power under the NWO. Wake up people, if we are wrong in these issues then we may die as a result of climate change it is something we could not have permanently done too much about anyway even IF they control the weather, BUT, if we are right that there is this coordinated effort to enslave us, we are giving our future generations to a Matrix from which they probably never escape because THEY WILL HAVE KNOWN NO OTHER WAY OF LIFE! There are much greater issues at stake here. Where did that $2.7 trillion a year for three(3) years disappear to from the Pentagons budget in 1998, 1999, and 2000? Somebody knows.

    Thank for a chance (for now) to speak, Frank

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