2 Day Drill Will Simulate WMD Attack On Sioux Falls

(KSFY) – Tomorrow begins a two day terrorism response drill that will be held here in the city of Sioux Falls.

The National Guard, Sioux Falls Fire and other first responders will be taking part, simulating a response to an attack involving weapons of mass destruction.

If you think we’re safe because we’re in Sioux Falls, think about this: in 1995, before Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, one of his other targets had been the Sioux Falls Federal Building.

Sirens, soldiers and people in moon suits helping the sick and the dying. For the next two days, this is the grim scenario that will play out in Sioux Falls. The Times Square car bomb case seems a million miles away from here. Read entire article

One thought on “2 Day Drill Will Simulate WMD Attack On Sioux Falls

  1. OH, OH…
    Usually when they do something like this,
    the real thing happens somewhere.
    They really need a false flag to attack Iran.
    Look out below, the madmen are on the lose.
    And they got real WMDs… from Ft Deidrich.
    That will stop those tea baggers dead in their tracks…quite literally.
    Oh well, they’re just a bunch of useless eaters anyway, just ask Henry

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