US bill to link ‘terror’ to citizenship

(PressTV) – New bipartisan legislation introduced in US Congress says Americans involved in terrorist activities should be denied their right of citizenship.

If passed, the Terrorist Expatriation Act would strip any American that provides material support or resources to foreign terrorists from their citizenship.

“As the attempted terrorist attack on Times Square showed us again, our enemies today are even more willing than the Nazis or fascists were to kill innocent civilian Americans [in WWII],” Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, told reporters on Thursday, according to CNN.

“Our enemies today,” he said, “are stateless actors who don’t wear uniforms and plot against Americans abroad and here in the United States.”

Lieberman, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and a staunch supporter of the Israeli regime, argued that the proposed bill is the expansion of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1940.

However, some lawmakers remain to be skeptical about the bill.

“I think that goes too far,” Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Illinois told Fox News. “I really believe there are ways to make this country safe without abandoning some of the most fundamental principles. To remove a person’s citizenship without some adjudication in my mind is a step too far.”

The legislation, co-sponsored by Lieberman and Scott Brown, R-Massachusetts, comes on the heel of a so-called terrorist attack in New York on Times Square, reminding Americans of 9/11 terrorist incidents.

Source: PressTV

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Kadidal is senior managing attorney of the Guantánamo Global Justice Initiative at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City. He just wrote the piece “Senator Lieberman’s Latest Constitutional Buffoonery,” which states: “Senator Lieberman [Thursday] proposed a bill that would strip American citizenship from anyone who has ‘provid[ed] material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization’ or ‘engaged in, or purposefully and materially support[ed], hostilities against the United States’ or any of its allies. Read More Here

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