Why Talk of Secession is Wrong – JTCoyoté

(Infowars) – It was just plain wrong to arrest Dennis Steele in Vermont on April 1st at the state gubernatorial debate. Steele, the Secessionist Party Candidate for Governor of Vermont was merely, though persistently, asking a question of the other candidates regarding the use of ’state secession’ as a way of dealing with Vermont’s $50 million share of the National deficit — he was promptly arrested. This arrest however was unwise, primarily because it is not the way things are done in our free constitutional republic. Besides, the arrest was unnecessary, his non violent question has a very short constitutional answer.  Had there been another candidate or perhaps the moderator with a touch of constitutional savvy present, the situation would have been easily dealt with.

May 10, 2010

Quite simply, the answer is yes it would work, but with a proviso of loss of constitutional  protections. Besides, talk of secession is way too premature. Why, because we have yet to use the power the Founders guaranteed in the Constitution to deal with all federal encroachments over constitutional state powers and individual rights. When federal power foists unconstitutional mandates upon the states and it’s people, that’s when we must reaffirm the Constitution, exerting the state’s 10th Amendment power to reject any and all unconstitutional federal encroachment.  At the same time the people must individually exert our 9th Amendment rights, in order to reinforce the state in this effort with resolve.

The process I just described is called State Sovereignty, it is not secession and should never be confused with it.  A state exerting 10th Amendment sovereignty uses what is provided in the Constitution to protect the Constitution. This in effect maintains the state’s lawful power under the Constitution, and helps preserve the Union of States. In so doing it forces the federal government to stay within it’s constitutional parameters as well.  State secession on the other hand, starts the breaking up of the union when that state leaves the union. It therefore looses all constitutional protections, just like if you broke a contract, any protections built into it are lost.

His 9th Amendment, and other constitutional safeguards, were infringed when Mr. Steele was arrested. The Vermont police, especially the arresting officers, were in violation of their constitutional oath, and should be ashamed. As it turns out however, this arrest serves only to gain notoriety for the dangerous and unnecessary Secessionist movement.  The country knows of this push now because of the press this event has recently received.  Ironically, folks still have little if any knowledge of the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty movement that has been silently moving state to state — already passed in over 30 state legislatures as of this writing.

The 10th Amendment State Sovereignty movement is the utilization of the Constitution as the founders intended. It’s purpose is to counter any usurpation by a stealthful invader – one such has slowly infiltrated our federal government incrementally for almost a century. A foreign foe that is changing our nation from a free republic to a debtor slave state — where individual Rights are replaced by privileges and Liberty with license.

How many of our Founders and past presidents, have warned us that if this country is ever to fall it will be from within.  With foreign bankers, corporate infiltration, subterfuge, political division, disregard for individual rights by government, popular political apathy, and of course secession, these are all a sure recipe for the self destruction of our constitutional republic, from within. We must all get involved soon, not on one side or the other of the divisive political paradigm, but squarely behind the Constitution.

For further reading, http://propagandamatrix.com/forum/index.php/topic,6627.0.html

2 thoughts on “Why Talk of Secession is Wrong – JTCoyoté

  1. I submit that the constitution has been rendered an irrelevant document by the culture of our national government’s countless usurpations of their enumerated powers. Call it what you will, BUT one has to strain logic to argue against the obvious, to wit, Founders WERE Secessionists. Jefferson wrote a good deal regarding it. The secessionists of the 1860s were only 2 generations removed from the founders….R.E. Lee’s wife was Martha Washington’s granddaughter. The safeguards set up to protect freedom are NOT more important than the freedom they were intended to protect. When the existing safeguards….a Federalist system, characterized by a constitutionally limited, common, government serving the several sovereign nation states….fails, new safeguards are precisely what is called for. If it will make everyone feel better…given their sentimental attachment to formality…we could call it America 2.0.

  2. I would submit that the united States of America that our founding fathers gave us ceased to exist in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln (whom I like to refer to as the Tyrant-in-Chief) waged an illegal and unconstitutional war against 13 States in order to preserve the Union (by of course violating the very principles that gave birth to the Union to begin with). So the United States of America and the Constitutional Republic they gave us ceased to exist 150 years ago so there is nothing to salvage..and those Constitutional protections are useless. Any State that hopes to survive the 21st Century must somehow find the courage to shirk their Federal Masters in Washington and sever all ties once and for all..peacefully if possible but if not, don’t start a fight but make sure to finish it if the feds start it (which they undoubtedly would because the one thing people with power are afraid of is losing that power). I think the best odds of success would be for California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and just about every State west of the Mississippi to band together and leave the Federal dinosaur to it’s inevitable self-destruction. It’s time to face facts people..the United States of America we all learned about in school is dead and decaying as we speak. The politicians in Washington are drunk with power and like drug addicts are always seeking more which endangers every liberty and shred of freedom we have left. If we do nothing then a time will come very soon where the Federal Government will control every last aspect of our daily lives. Wish it weren’t so but everything the Federal government has done since 1860 has been to the subversion of the very document they all take an oath to preserve and defend..the Constitution of these united States of America. Just an interesting final note..in the original document for the Constitution the u in United is lower case and the S in States is upper case..ever wonder why? The reason is simple to figure out..the founding fathers never intended or foresaw a nearly all powerful Federal Government that would think it was the source of power when the founders knew that political power for the new nation they gave birth to flowed from the People to the States and the States lent power to the Federal Government. The truth is the Federal leaders in Washington don’t care about us..they don’t care about anything except gaining more and more power and draining us of our wealth while making us no better than indentured servants. Live free or die and as Patrick Henry said “give me liberty or give me death”.

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