Joe Lieberman’s Fascist agenda to strip Americans of their Constitutional Rights

(Examiner) – Senator Joe Lieberman is sponsoring a Bill with Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown called the “Terrorist Expatriation Act” that would strip terrorist suspects on their citizenship. The bill applies to any American that supports a foreign terrorist organization or any organization that is deemed a supporter of terrorism by an ally of the United States. The bill gives the State Department the power to determine who is a terrorist and strip away their citizenship.

Lieberman introduced the Bill stating “The State Department will make an administrative determination… the State Department will now have the authority to revoke their citizenship… they will not enjoy the rights and privileges of American citizenship in the legal proceedings against them…. he could then be tried by military commission as the Unprivileged Enemy Belligerent that he is.”

Even though Lieberman claims the Bill is to target Americans who have joined Islamic Terrorist Organizations such as Al Qaeda, it has implications affecting many American political dissidents not just those who one would usually think of as terrorist. Hypothetical scenario’s that the bill might apply to are Americans such as former Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney who are helping out Palestinians in Gaza with food and medical aid. Since Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization and Israel is considered as ally by the US Government.

Another scenario is American Patriots who are helping out the Afrikaner Resistance Movement which is secessionist movement in South Africa. Lets say the ANC Government in South Africa declares the movement a terrorist organization and the US state department decides to go after Americans who are helping the organization.

Joe Lieberman also sponsored another Bill in the Senate with John McCain called the “Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act. This Bill which has been described as the “Patriot Act on Steroids” gives the President the power to determine if an individual poses a terrorist threat so that they can be detained and interrogated. Under this Bill the suspects would loose their Miranda rights and Sixth Amendment Right to an Attorney and fair trial.

McCain explained it stating “we still don’t have a clear mechanism, legal structure, and implementing policy for dealing with terrorists who we capture in the (alleged) act of trying to bring about attacks on the United States and our national security interests at home and abroad.”

Lieberman added “These are not common criminals. They are war criminals. Anyone we capture in this war should be treated as a prisoner of war, held by the military, interrogated for information that will protect Americans and help us win this war and then where appropriate, tried not in a normal federal court where criminals are tried but before a military commission.”

These two bill sponsored by Joe Lieberman tie in to each other. One bill strips Americans of their citizenship and other of their right to a fair trial once they loose their citizenship. Many conservatives supported the Patriot Act under Bush thinking it would only be against Islamic Extremist but now Obama can use it to go after those in the Tea Parties and Patriot Movement who have already been labeled by the establishment as “domestic terrorist”.

These bills create a dictatorship were the State Department is given the power the strip the rights of any American citizen especially political dissidents. Maybe some day when Americans take back their country this law may be used against the same traitors who are behind this bill who also happen to have ties to foreign terrorist.

Source: Examiner

5 thoughts on “Joe Lieberman’s Fascist agenda to strip Americans of their Constitutional Rights

  1. The FIRST person this law should be used against is JOE LIEBERMEN and any senator or representative who votes for this crackpot legislation.!!!

    What’s next? Do we start bulldozing people’s houses like the Isrealis?

    Notice who is doing these really whacked out things. The Christ Killers. NEVER AGAIN!!! These people can not even be called Jews. They are from the synagogues of Satan.

    You have to ask yourself: What part of hell did these people come from? And: How do we send them back there(and quick)?

    Man, talk about burnin’ down the house.

  2. John McCain, of all people should know what happens when nut case bureaucrats and thier minions start determining right and wrong by thier beliefs and fiats. Has you been out of the Hanoi Hilton too long John?
    Forgot what it feels like when they break your bones for being their enemy? And all without a trial, appeal or recourse?

    It is indeed a sad day for America. Good thing J.McCain isn’t President

  3. I’ve got a newsflash for Lieberman and his ilk. The U.S. Federal Govt. did not grant me my U.S. citizenship, My Creator did. My citizenship is not the national government’s to take.

    I know you love your country
    but how about a little quiz
    why spend a trillion dollars per year on defense
    when we won’t admit who the real enemy is?

    While we’ve got troops in 140 foreign countries
    with 800 bases overseas
    under UN and CIA supervision
    so they can use them however they please.

    at home, we have a tyrannical federal govt
    that’s completely off the rail
    they’ve taken over healthcare, banks, and car companies
    but they can’t deliver the mail

    while they’re at it they’ll save the planet too
    cause it’s getting warm, says Al Gore
    and if their cap and trade tax can’t steal enough money
    they intend to borrow some more.

    we’ve thousands of unconstitutional offices, bureaus and agencies,
    and an inept congressional mob
    they want to control every aspect of your life
    cause taking care of the people’s their job

    because of the FED the economy is near dead
    and the dollar is in the tank
    and when your grandchildren are born on welfare
    you’ll have both political parties to thank

    the moneychangers loan the treasury fiat money
    and put the interest payment on your children’s backs
    their plan is to enslave the people
    with their new and endless tax.

    the president has turned into an emperor
    just a part of what’s wrong with our land
    a federal govt. out of control is more dangerous
    rhan alcaida or the taliban

    now it’s the tail that wags the dog
    and cares not for the constitution
    we send em for bacon, they steal the whole hog
    we’ve got grounds for a new revolution

    they sign legislation they don’t even read
    try to disguise it as government, it’s nothin but greed
    then congress reports all is well, do not panic
    just go back to rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

    our own border is porous
    for those who abhore us
    while around the globe we aspire
    to make others free,
    while American’s can’t see
    we’ve become the new Roman empire

    states had better step up to the plate
    and grow a set of balls
    and put the brakes on this insanity
    before the republic falls

    and now they’d like to take my citizenship
    we’ll it’s not theirs to take
    but if they want to give it a try
    that’s a fight i’ll gladly make

    better yet, since we have the finest military on the planet
    and our freedom is under attack
    bring the troops home and drive the real terrorists from Washington
    and we’ll take OUR country back.

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