Video: Maryland Citizens Face Felony Charges for Recording Cops

(KurtNimmo) – In Maryland, it is a felony to record thuggish cops as they push around skateboarding teenagers, beat sports patrons, and pull guns on motorists for speeding.

“Several Marylanders face felony charges for recording their arrests on camera, and others have been intimidated to shut their cameras off,” reports WJZ 23 in Baltimore.

Maryland cops are using a Maryland law that states conversations in private cannot be recorded without the consent of both people involved in order to go about their business of harassing, intimidating, and assaulting citizens.

Kurt Nimmo
Saturday, May 22, 2010

It is legal according to Maryland’s attorney general for cops to videotape citizens with dashcams but illegal for citizens to do the same.

State authorities are upset after a video appeared on the internet showing the merciless beating of a university student by thug cops at the University of Maryland in April.

In 2009, a video surfaced showing a Baltimore cop pushing around and verbally assaulting a teenager. Numerous videos in other states show cops beating and even murdering citizens.

Cop out of uniform without badge pulls gun on motorcyclist without identifying himself.

Sadistic storm troopers beat student senseless for the sheer pleasure of it.

Baltimore cop assaults teenager for the crime of riding a skateboard.

Source: Infowars

6 thoughts on “Video: Maryland Citizens Face Felony Charges for Recording Cops

  1. Private conversation recording may be illegal without both parties consent but a police officer who makes an custodial arrest is not acting in a private way, he is a public actor in his/her official capacity. He is always acting in the public way, even inside a private residence when executing a lawful warrant or other lawful activity.
    According to SCOTUS, there is no expectation of privacy in the public way.
    This is what allows cities and other entities to put up surveillance cameras and such.

    The law cuts both ways. Those officers who act in a brutish and uncivilized manner to intimidate, harass and commit assaults have no expectation of privacy for their unlawful use of force.

    In addition there are federal laws (18 USC 241,242 & 42 USC 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986 which prohibit conspiracy to injure, oppress, intimidate, or threaten a citizen, by officers, agents and governmental employees or with intent to prevent or hinder free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege granted by the constitution.. A creative lawyer could argue that under respondeat superior, the officers training which lead him to believe he could intimidate or harass, or beat up a citizen constitutes conspiracy to commit violations of said laws. Federal law can, in most cases, preempt State law.

    There is also something called equal protection under the law guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. If cops can record you, you can record them. They are not above the law. Nor are they themselves the law. They are only officers to execute the laws of the State or country. And can only do so in a lawful manner.
    In addition, there is a tort called “making a fraudulent misrepresentation in a public forum”. When police (or any governmental employee) act in an official capacity, they always act in a “public forum.”
    Using excessive force, harassment or intimidation is garnering to themselves power they do not possess. Thus making a fraudulent misrepresentation of official police powers vested in them by the State. This goes for the armed forces too.

    Please spread this message around. Tell your friends and neighbors. And whatever lawyer may be defending the poor sap who got busted by Maryland.

  2. What do you expect? Brain Dead Cops will do anything they are told to do,and then go home and hug the same children they are destroying the future of…their own.
    I don`t even think Cops are real people;where do you see them other than in your face disobeying the “Constitution”,”their Oath”and lying to everyone they meet….where do such people come from? Are they made in a factory?Do they have a Mother,and Father? Cops make me think twice about “Roswell NM”,and “Hanger 51”.

  3. Look at the pictures of the cops in this report…do any of them look NORMAL…NO!! they don`t.
    They have that Strange Look about them…kinda like the look “Charles Manson” has on his face….very Freaky indeed.

  4. Six months from now, will this guy facing 5 years still be in the news? Will we be able to find out how he fared in the court of law? Is there somewhere to keep up with these cases after they have ceased to provide an instant shot in the arm for indignant citizens?

    Instead of just watching this video and getting upset for no reason, what can be done? Is there a legal defense fund to contribute to?

  5. What have they got to hide. Sound familiar ? that is the excuse the police always use when you complain about CCTV, they say that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. Same goes for recording the pigs, if they have nothing to hide, if they are not doing anything illegal, then they have nothing to fear.

  6. Wake up people, arm your selfs and learn how to use them, its coming sooner then you think! Live free or die.

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