One thought on “Video: Alex Jones – Was BP Oil Spill The Next 9/11?

  1. Here are my published schematic drawings of a hydraulic bypass valve that is relatively easy to build. Multiple ones clamped to a good section of the pipe could guide all the oil into a new pipe and they could reduce the pressure enough so one could inject an inflating temporary plug from the side which would stop the spill in a hurry before a final cap can be put on. The design for the plug injector is published as well. Unfortunately I have no success getting this design anywhere. No response from the Alternative Technology Response Web Page to which I have sent the drawings already 6 days ago and only an automated thank you response from the White House. Are we getting ignored? I am convinced that this technology could have stopped the spill already if the engineers in charge would recognize the enormous potential of this concept.!/album.php?aid=57938&id=1218373335&ref=mf

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