2 thoughts on “Video: Ron Paul vs Sarah Palin Tea Party summit , Freedom Watch

  1. Sarah Palin is just another Republican. Sure, I voted for her with McCain, but BOTH of them are lame (but still immensely better than Obummer).
    Palin wants to hijack the TEA party for the Republicans. She is part of what we ought to GET RID OF! McCain is totally lame and she is too close to him.

  2. Palin is as two-faced as McCain, Bush, Obama or any other bought and paid for politician thats controlled by the global elites and supports their agenda. I remember back when she was vying for vice-dictator with McCain an interview where in her office the only flag she proudly displayed was the Israeli flag and that alone puts her alligence with Israel more important than the US, Obama refuses to even display the American flag, Rahm Emmanuel is a dual citizen and the Israeli assult on Gaza is no different than what happened to them during the holocaust.

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