Video: Operation Blackjack – Retrospective

(PrisonPlanet) – Remember Operation Blackjack? In early 2009 The London Telegraph mysteriously ran a series of pieces in it’s “culture” section depicting a co-ordinated round of nuclear attacks on major cities, begining in London and moving to New York City, Washington DC, Toronto, Mexico City, Portland, and Los Angeles.

The series began as a crude slideshow of photoshopped mushroom clouds and ended abruptly in a comic strip style several weeks later. This change was perhaps in response to a bombardment of complaints from readers who saw no artistic merit in the depiction of mass slaughter.

As the plot of the piece unfolded it became clear that the attacks were carried out not by extemist terrorists, but by a cabal of elite wannabe rulers intent on instituting a global police state and usurping control of the planet under the auspices of protecting its population from more destruction.
Wednesday, Jun 23rd, 2010

Their devious plan was seemingly foiled in the end by the prevention of another flase flag attack and by police and military unwilling to be the enforcers of a facist new world order.

Here is the five part series in full as a youtube video:

As the months passed by and the dates highlighted in the Blackjack series came ever closer, the piece which had promised “to be continued” morphed into a wider web phenomenon, with strange sites popping up, linked to the comic strip.

There were hidden hexidecimal codes, and other weird symbols in the piece that proved it was not simply hastily slapped together, but was intended to provoke thought and attract attention.

Readers were divided between whether the piece was a complete distraction, a real warning of an active agenda, or some kind of attempt to fictionalize false flag terrorism in order to either bring serious attention to it, or, on the flip side, to make it seem ridiculous and juvenile.

Amateurish photographs of unknown locations in London and all the other cities that had been attacked in the fiction piece were posted, prompting a fervored online scramble to identify what city and what area of that city were being shown.

The small but dedicated group who had followed Blackjack’s mysterious development and had enagaged in intense debate about what it all meant suddenly became the only people who could possibly prevent mass nuclear genocide. People were drawn in, some even began calling MI5 in panic.

Blackjack was the perfect hook, if scripted correctly it would put the recent batch of Hollywood conspiracy thrillers (think Knowing, The Number 23 etc etc) to shame. A Blackjack movie would play on the real life underground conspiracy that the piece has engendered.

The forum now has a section devoted entirely to the Blackjack project, with members still musing on its meaning. One thread, started on June 17 last year has since attracted over 63,000 views and counting.

The overriding question remains – why was this thing published on the website of a major British newspaper?

Those who had “deciphered” the codes within it decided that the dates highlighted in Blackjack were for 2010 and 2011, the first of those being June 22 – yesterday.

Thankfully we can report that no nukes went off in London yesterday – phew.

Was that because the Blackjack piece provided forewarning? Probably not. However, the episode of X-files spin off Lone Gunmen, aired months prior to 9/11 – a depiction of the exact scenario of the attack, carried out by shady elements of intelligence and government, only to be foiled at the last minute – highlights that these kind of prior warning pieces have been used before.

There is no doubt that Operation Blackjack, whether you love it, loathe it or are indifferent to it has now become embedded in internet conspiracy theory culture.

Source: Prison Planet


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