Video: Ireland’s Holocaust


One thought on “Video: Ireland’s Holocaust

  1. 1.5 million emigrated to Britain also in fact more went east than west. The Anglo Irish ‘nobility’ who conquered Ireland did many foul things as their cousins did in Scotland & northern England. Suggest you read British history to understand the relationships between the four kingdoms.

    My great, great grandparents came to the north of England; now there are mre of Irish descent in England & Scotland than anywhere else in the world.

    I consider myself British now (as many in the north of Ireland do) and remember those of the Plantation (Ulster Protestants) have been in Ireland longer than the US has existed.

    Yes wrongs were done as we all agree and the zeitgeist of the times was totally different; the UK reform acts and the extension of democracy had yet to occur; we were slaves of the nobleman all over these islands.

    Peace to all and regards

    George Willis

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