World War

(Redress) – Connecting the Zionist dots: roots of Zionist domination of Britain and the United States

Gilad Atzmon views the historical and cultural roots of Zionist domination of Western politics, especially in Britain and the United States, tracing the Israel stooges’ tools of choice – political donations, think tanks and media control – to the tales of the Book of Esther and Purim. Read More Here

(SouthLebanon) – Gas War: Israel Threatens to Use Force; Lebanon to Respond

While the war of freedom flotillas remains at the top of the headlines as the Israeli enemy is seeking to prevent Lebanese flotillas seeking to break the inhumane siege of Gaza of setting sail, the gas war seems to be, without doubt, the “upcoming war” in the region. Read More Here

(Uruknet) – U.S. State Department pays Blackwater company thugs millions in Afghanistan while Afghan teachers starve

$120 million security contract to guard 2 US consulates equals 133,000 teacher salaries in Afghanistan Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – US-South Korea Military Drills: China seriously concerned over U.S. aircraft carrier reports: FM spokesman – Read More Here


(KhaleejTimes) – Tehran declares State of Alert on its Western Border: Iran-US-Israel Drama goes into Act II

Iran has declared a state of alert on June 22, on its northwestern borders alleging that US and Israeli forces have concentrated in Azerbaijan ready to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iranian sources claim that Israel has secretly transferred a large number of bomber jets to bases in Azerbaijan, via Georgia, and that American Special Forces are also concentrated in Azerbaijan in preparation for a strike. Read More Here


Last week twelve US warships and at least one Israeli warship passed through the Suez Canal on their way to the Red Sea. Included among the US fleet is the aircraft carrier, USS Harry S Truman. Today we learn that the Israeli Air Force have set up base at a Saudi airfield near Tabuk in north-west Saudi Arabia despite earlier denials from the Saudi government that it had given the Israelis permission to use its airspace to attack Iran. We also learn that American and possibly Israel forces are also gathering at bases in Azerbaijan at the north-west border of Iran. Read More Here


(KBTC) – Video: Toilet Paper Now Allowed Into Gaza! – Video Link Here

(Kawther) – What Lies Ahead: A New Massacre or a Genocidal War?

Will the Lebanese ship attempting to break the siege imposed on Gaza be the spark that ignites the fire of war in the Middle East? Whether the vessels attempting to break the siege of Gaza or any other insignificant as preposterous and contrived reasons will be the last straw that Israel holds as a justification for a bloody war against what it calls the “new alliance” (Syria, Turkey and Iran), this new Israeli war and the flood of human blood is inevitably coming. At the national, political and military levels, Israel has made sufficient effort to convince its American, European and some Arab and Islamic allies to take part in or support this dirty war. Read More Here

(IrishTimes) – Israel asks UN to shelve inquiry into flotilla killings

ISRAELI defence minister Ehud Barak has asked UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to shelve plans for an international probe into the naval interception of the Gaza-bound aid flotilla, urging him to give the Israeli inquiry a chance. Read More Here

(AlJazeera) – Deadly Israeli air raid on Gaza

Officials in Gaza have retrieved the bodies of two Palestinians killed in Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip, the Associated Press news agency has reported. Read More Here

(PoliticalTheatrics) – The Arab Flotilla To Gaza, Now Scheduled For Wednesday, June 30

Twenty-two American citizens will be among the more than two hundred persons who will be sailing aboard the Arab flotilla to Gaza, now scheduled for Wednesday, June 30. The flotilla of Arab ships are hoping to break the blockade on Gaza, despite the harsh Israeli reaction to an earlier flotilla from Turkey and other Mediterranean states killing nine peace activists, causing an international incident. Read More Here

(SouthLebanon) – Occupied Palestine: Good News and Bad

First the good.

On June 22, the International Middle East Media Center reported that the UN Human Rights Council (that established the Goldstone Commission) approved “forming an international committee to probe the deadly Israeli” Flotilla attack, massacring and injuring dozens of nonviolent activists on board. Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak urged Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to shelve it, saying: Read More Here

(YNet) – Women prepare for Gaza sail: We won’t fight Israel

One of hundreds of female volunteers planning to sail to Hamas-ruled territory with diapers, milk, medical supplies and clothes says, ‘Our only weapons are faith in the Virgin Mary and in humanity’ Read More Here


Israel We Are Coming Read More Here


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