BP Oil Gusher

(FloridaOilSpillLaw) – “Unprecedented” fish kill in Jacksonville for past two weeks “isn’t related to annual cycle”; “Lesions in the brain… points to toxicity” (PHOTOS) – Read More Here

(Fox) – Video: Shepard Smith and JudgeAndrew Napolitano on BP – Video Link Here

(CBSNews) – Video: Fears Over BP Claims Process

Business owners that filed claims with BP fear that they won’t ever see the money. Kelly Cobiella reports from Grand Isle, La. Video Link Here

(TampaBay) – Gulf oil disaster: Pensacola Beach (click to see all 22 photos)

The tide came in Tuesday night, under a moon almost full, and when the sun came up and the water retreated there it was: a broken band of oil about 5 feet wide and 8 miles long.

It looked like tobacco spit and smelled foreign, and it pooled in yesterday’s footprints as far as you could see. State officials called it the worst show of crude on shore from the gusher 120 miles away. Read More Here

(ABCNews) – Video: Dolphins Beached on Gulf Shores

Forty-seven dolphins have beached themselves following the BP oil disaster. Video Link Here

(SFGate) – BP oil spill Corexit dispersants suspected in widespread crop damage(Updated) – Read More Here

(Rense) – Panama City FL – People Vomiting, Respiratory Illnesses

Panama City Beach, FL — People are sick with vomiting, stomach illness, upper respatory. Air smells like oil. Thunderstorms bring highly volatile clouds with much aberrant lightening. Plants are dying. Seeds from plants are not germinating.

We have to move in order to protect our health and safety. Most have lost everything. Source: Rense – Comments: Here


5 thoughts on “BP Oil Gusher

  1. Take a look at this video posted on Youtube – take it for what it is worth but it warrants viewing/reading and if you sense some credence to what it purports, then it should go viral so others can decide or at minimum investigate its potential truth

  2. No one seems to focus on the INSURANCE payout the BP and TransOcean may have received as result of the DeepSea Horizon platform being destroyed. Quite definitely these capital assets would have bee insured and then to what amount?
    This would go a long way toward supporting the conspiracy theorists belief this was a planned, staged event in support of the US Administration and NWO agenda for carbon-tax and cap-n-trade.

  3. As long as citizens of America and he over 195 naions of the world permit the Trilateral Commission, CFR, Rothschilds and Bilderbergers to RULE and RUIN this planet, the BP Oil Gusher will be just a “Tea Party”. The executives at and investors in BP have no respect for their families, children or Future. Their sole interest is to perpetuate their Wealth and Power at any cost. Besides polluting the environment, pillaging Non-White Resources-Rich nations, committing Genocide and Apartheid to fill their personal coffers, these men are without Souls or Honor and committed to driving this world into an Abyss of Destruction from which there is no return.

    We are all Citizens of the World and bound to protect it and its Future. Inaction and Silence spell our DOOM!

  4. I wonder if the insurance value happens to be more than 20 billion US$. And how about Obamanation’s threat ‘BP WILL PAY’ and then passes legislation to force them to put up 20 Billion. This is what you call ‘financial chicanery’ also. By law their liability is now set at 20 billion dollars. The value of the claims are going to be more than one trillion. How about that, eh. They will never have to pay. Thanks to Obamanation’s help for the rich and stuff the poor.

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