Gun Rights Must Be Honored by States, Cities, High Court Rules in 5-4 Vote

(Bloomberg) – The U.S. Supreme Court extended the reach of the constitutional right to bear arms by saying it binds state and local governments as well as the federal government.

The justices, voting 5-4 in a case involving Chicago’s handgun ban, said that individual gun rights were among the fundamental guarantees protected against state interference through a constitutional amendment after the Civil War.

The ruling broadens the sweep of the court’s 2008 ruling interpreting the Constitution’s Second Amendment as protecting the rights of individuals, rather than just those of state-run militias. It’s a victory for the National Rifle Association, which joined a group of Chicago residents in challenging the city’s laws.

It will open a new front in the fight over gun rights, setting the stage for courtroom battles over the constitutionality of weapons restrictions around the country.

The case is McDonald v. City of Chicago, 08-1521. – Source: Bloomberg

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Alex breaks down what was really in the latest Supreme Court Gun Ruling and how the Mainsteam Media will Spin this into making you think you’ve gotten a victory.

One thought on “Gun Rights Must Be Honored by States, Cities, High Court Rules in 5-4 Vote

  1. It was treasonous and redundant to permit this gun vote in the first place when the constitution clearly permits the right to bear arms. Note that there were 4 justices on the HIGHEST court in the land who voted against the constitutional right to bear arms ~ This is not just outrageous, it is treasonous and therefore legally punishable by death. When will the Yanks develop a backbone and arrest these 4 frightened nincompoopish paid-off punks masquarading as “justices” and the misanthropic constipated parasites disguised as “president and congress” who saw to it they were given the job? The Western world, Oz and America in particular, are in big trouble. To figure this out, you don`t need to read about the votes of 4 justices ~ all one has to do is turn the radio on and listen to the guanoza, or “anti-music music”. Note that everyone remains tense there due in part to the lack of quality Rock and Roll. Because tenseness is contagious, tense people develop a psychosis that makes everyone else psychotic and then bizarre ugly psychopathic things happen, such as converting a nation of carefree charitable dancing folks into a nation of pathetic grim sheep living in a closet. This reminds of Malaysia/Indonesia/Vietnam/China as well. Take a tip from a frog on a stump, real R an R will never die.

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