Video: Corporate Responsibility? – Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) – The Health Ranger speaks out about corporate crimes against the environment and asks the question: Should corporations be required to respect the value of life in nature? – Video Link Here

One thought on “Video: Corporate Responsibility? – Mike Adams

  1. hey, ofcourse we should hold corporations accountable for the damage they cause, but how do you propose doing that? they consider us the “little people”, the “useless eaters”. they make wars strictly for the cash they can make…wars our kids die in. they don’t care. they own the media. the own the government. they own the world. so you think they’re going to listen to us? get real. these people are not like us. they won’t listen to any reasons we might suggest about being accountable. they live way above us in everyway. we are just pee-ons to them. this spew will be used to further exterminate us. i appreciate your intent, but there’s nothing you can say or do that will create a heart in the body of any corporation. they must be dismantled. they must be made illegal. they must be stopped. you say you drive you car, so we need them. no! we don’t need the cars. and if getting rid of our cars, helps get rid of the corps, then get rid of your car. opt out. don’t insist that the devil be nice, cause it aint gonna happen. wake up. they’re using force against us. they tell the gov what to do and they do it, and you think they’re going to listen to us??? their violence rules the world. they must be stopped or they will destroy our planet. their track record is clear. there is no benevolence in them. these are elite assholes who think they own us and the world and therefore have the right to do anything they please. we need to boycott all of them. we need to start riding our bikes and walking. we need to turn off our tv’s and grow heirloom gardens and opt out of the system that allows such corporations to exist. take your money out of the banks. they take our money to create tons more funny money. they lower interest rates so we’ll take out loans, then they screw up the economy, then they raise the rates, until we can’t make our payments, then they come in and take our real property. these guys are destroyers, professional criminals. they make the mafia look like boy scouts. how are you going to make them acountable when our own government can’t do that??? wake up. it’s not a democracy anymore. it’s an oligarchy. it’s fascism. corporations are now running things. they’ll never be stopped by asking them to stop. even laws won’t stop them, because they’re above the laws. most laws are made for their benefit, like capping how much they’ll have to pay back…limited accountability. yes, they must be stopped. the sooner the better. but if our own government can’t stop them from pouring millions of gallons of toxic dispersants into our oceans, then we have to think of some new ways to deal with them, because the old ways are not working. opt out of the system they control. get creative.

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