(InternationalForecaster) – The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve are Manipulating the Gold Market – Bob Chapman Read More Here

(Telegraph) – EMU break-up risks global deflation shock that would dwarf Lehman collapse, warns ING

A full-fledged disintegration of the eurozone would trigger the worst economic crisis in modern history, devastate every country in Europe including Germany, and inflict a deflationary shock on the US. There would be no winners, warns the Dutch bank ING in a new report “Quantifying the Unthinkable”. Read More Here


(ZDNet) – Microsoft layoffs: Marketing, Office, partner groups all reportedly hit

According to various comments I’ve seen — all anonymous from those infamous “people knowledgeable about the situation” — the latest round is going to be less gruesome and more broadly spread than last year’s two waves of cuts that totaled more than 5,000 people. Read More Here

(YahooFinance) – Video: Richard Suttmeier – Home Prices Could Fall Another 50% – View Video Here

(DailyFinance) – Merck to Cut 16,000 Workers as Drugmaker Closes 16 Plants, Labs – Read More Here

Video: Indymac Boys Get Sweetheart Deal

Those Indymac boys were given deal by the FDIC, and borrowers were strong-armed. Video Link Here

(SteveWatson) – Video: Obama Science Czar Called For Global Carbon Tax

Underreported 2008 comments were made immediately prior to becoming White House science director View More Here

(TheWeek) – The biggest market crash since the 1720?

Market forecaster Robert Prechter says we’re on the verge of the biggest market crash since the 1720 collapse of Britain’s South Sea Bubble, with the Dow nosediving to below 1,000 in the next five to six years, from around 10,000 now. Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – CNBC Guest Says Absent Plunge Protection Team Stepping In, Market Would Fall

A highly amusing exchange occurred earlier on CNBC when guest Damon Vickers of Nine Points Capital had an unexpected moment of truthiness and turned some heads when he said that “unless the plunge protection team comes in over the next couple of days, the markets are looking very dicey here.” Read More Here

(RTTNews) – Dollar In The Doldrums As Economy Loses Momentum – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – Goldman Sachs Executive to Advise Head of Canada’s Central Bank, a Former Goldman Sachs Executive – Read More Here

(CharlieVLog) – Video: CON JOB

(FFF) – The Welfare-Warfare Crackup

For decades, libertarians have been warning Americans of the coming crack-up of the welfare-warfare state. Of course, we couldn’t predict when the crack-up would finally occur. All we could do is to say that the road to statism, both welfare and warfare, was a road to national bankruptcy. Read More Here

(WRAL) – Retailers post tepid June, start to discount more – Read More Here

(TickerForum) – Wells Fargo to Cut 3,800 Jobs, Close Financing Unit in forum [Breaking] – Read More Here

(TheStar) – New eco fees catching consumers by surprise

Levies ranges from a few cents to several dollars Read More Here

(RedState) – Democrats Want to Tax Your ATM Withdrawals – Read More Here

(GoldSeek) – More Power for the Fed – Dr. Ron Paul

Last week I was pleased to see my Republican colleagues take up the cause to fully and completely audit the Federal Reserve by including my language from the Federal Reserve Transparency Act in a Motion to Recommit the financial regulation reform bill. Although this effort was defeated by the Democrat majority, there were many good reasons to support it. Read More Here

(BBC) – Nasa space shuttle firm to cut 1,000 jobs

United Space Alliance, which manages the shuttle fleet and handles Nasa’s International Space Station, said most jobs would go in Florida and Texas. Read More Here

Video: Market Manipulation On Display

It’s unlawful to enter an order into a securities market for the purpose of attempting to manipulate the price – that is, to express other than a genuine intent to buy or sell.

It happens every day. But tonight, it’s especially blatant, so I captured it and present it here for you.


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