Video: Homefront the Latest in Desensitization Gaming

(Infowars) – Gaming has taken a very realistic turn over the past several years with titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and others taking on probable war scenarios with countries and regimes that the U.S. and their allies has had friction with. Russia invaded otherwise peaceful U.S. neighborhoods in Call of Duty and North Korea does the same in Homefront.

The back-story trailer includes clips from real-world news blended with actors giving a prophetic account of the death of Kim Jong il, gas prices hitting $20.00, the rise of a unified Korean state, and all-out war after an attack on the US via satellite.

Over the past decade, first-person shooter games have drastically evolved from focusing on impossible scenarios and historical warfare to modern terrorism and more realistic tensions. As we’ve covered before, these games have also moved towards promoting torture and rewarding war crimes over giving their players the ability to portray heroes demonstrating the lawful way of getting the job done.

It’s important to note here that FEMA and the DHS have recently backed the development of games targeting educating children on what to do when disaster strikes. America’s Army was developed by the U.S. Army in order to aid in recruitment efforts. In addition, studies have shown that video games desensitize their players to violence. With this in mind, is it hard to believe that games may also desensitize players to the police state presented in Homefront?

Source: Infowars

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