World War

(ProLibertate) – Addicted to the Warfare State

Which is the more serious threat to life, liberty and property: The illicit violence practiced by a handful of furtive armed drug smugglers in the Arizona desert, or the increasingly brazen militarization of U.S. law enforcement in the “war on drugs”? Read More Here

(CounterPunch) – On Being Led By the Nose – The Unchallenged Power of the Israel Lobby – Read More Here

(Telegraph) – Britain ‘Did Not Believe Iraq’s Weapons Programme Was A Real Threat’

Britain and the US did not believe Iraq’s weapons programmes posed a ”substantial threat” before launching the 2003 invasion that overthrew Saddam Hussein, the inquiry into the war has been told. Read More Here

(ChinaDaily) – US-South Korea Military Exercise, An Act of Provocation directed against China

The participation of the 97,000-ton US aircraft carrier George Washington in the exercise has attracted widespread media coverage and its involvement is a move that is hostile to China. Read More Here

(MTV) – Video: Global Politics in 30 Seconds – Video Link Here

(Reuters) – Castro Predicts Nuclear War

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has lived in seclusion since falling ill four years ago, will appear on Cuban television and radio on Monday evening to discuss his theory that the world is on the verge of nuclear war, the Communist Party newspaper Granma said in its Monday online edition. Read More Here

(CNN) – Gen. Casey: America may be in Iraq and Afghanistan for another decade

The United States may still be in the Afghanistan and Iraq region for another ten years, according to Gen. George Casey.

“The types of conflict that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think are likely to be fighting here for a decade or so, are focused on the people,” Casey, the army’s Chief of Staff, said Friday night at the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival. Read More Here

(PressTV) – Palestinian farmland seized in WB

Palestinian officials say the Israeli army has issued orders preventing residents of four villages in the southern West Bank from entering their land.

The orders declared Palestinian farms a closed military zone. They ordered farmers to evacuate and confiscated their farming equipment, Ma’an news agency quoted the mayor of Beit Ula as saying on Sunday. Read More Here

(RawStory) – Anger in Costa Rica over deal to ‘invite’ 46 US warships

Costa Ricans suspect ‘ulterior motive’ in permitting large numbers of US troops Read More Here

(AlJazeera) – Bosnia marks Srebrenica massacre

Bosnians have marked 15 years since the massacre at Srebrenica, when Bosnian Serbs slaughtered almost 8,000 Muslims in Europe’s worst mass killings since the Second World War.

A crowd of about 60,000 people turned out to a ceremony in the village of Potocari, 6km north-west of Srebrenica, on Sunday, as the recently identified remains of 775 victims were laid to rest with the 3,749 already buried there.Read More Here

(Truthout) – Slow Progress in Prosecuting Accused Guatemalan War Criminals

Guatemalan human rights activists and victims of a notorious 1982 massacre are looking to U.S. courts to prosecute some of the alleged perpetrators. Read More Here

(ArutzShiva) – Arab MK Helped Libyan Ship; MK Ben-Ari: Sink it

Amid conflicting reports as to the destination of the blockade-busting Libyan ship, it has been learned that MK Ahmed Tibi was involved. MK Ben-Ari says it should be sunk, which would be a legal act if done within Israeli territorial waters.

Dr. Tibi, an Arab Knesset Member of the Raam-Taal party and past official advisor to Yasser Arafat, confirmed Sunday morning that he had been in touch with the organizers of a Libyan ship headed eastward. The captain originally said he was headed for Gaza, in an attempt to break Israel’s naval blockade, and Libyan backers repeated again today that this is still their plan. Read More Here


(TorontoSun) – Saving Face in Unwinnable War – Eric Margolis

Sinking in debt and no closer to victory, heads may roll as the U.S. and NATO wrap up their pointless Afghan adventure Read More Here

(RussiaToday) – Video: Afghan Protests Against NATO Raid in Full Swing

(InTheseTimes) – In an Afghan Hole? Dig Deeper

Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s trash talking and his subsequent sacking by President Barack Obama is a sign: America’s foreign policy elite is starting to realize the United States has lost the war. Read More Here

(TheGuardian) – Afghanistan is a catastrophe. But we will have to wait for a new Chilcot to admit it

As British troops retreat from the fortress of Sangin in south Afghanistan, a sleepy room in Westminster again plays host to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war. The British establishment is strangely dotty. Chilcot is like reviewing Passchendaele during the Battle of Britain, or Boudicca’s charioteering after the charge of the Light Brigade. American congressmen tear their generals apart when fighting stupid wars. The British prefer to avoid embarrassment. Read More Here


(PressTV) – ‘US attack on Iran a matter of time’ – Read More Here

(RevoltOfThePlebs) – Iran Strike Rumors Are Spinning Out Of Control

What in the Sam Hill is a going on here? I haven’t seen spin like this since I watched my socks dry in the Super Turbo Habanero Heat Dryer at my local Laundromat—and that was back when I still played cassette tapes in my car stereo.

O.K., let’s get serious. Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – Medvedev: Iran Is On The Brink Of Building A Nuclear Weapon

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev says that Iran is on the brink of having the ability to build a nuclear weapon, according to RiaNovosti.

The Russian President also reiterated the concern that sanctions against the country were not working. Read More Here

REPOST(InterPressService) – Stirrings of a New Push for Military Option on Iran

“From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August,” explained then-White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card back in September 2002, in answer to queries about why the administration of George W. Bush had not launched its campaign to rally public opinion behind invading Iraq earlier in the summer.

And while it’s only July – and less than a month after the U.N., the European Union (EU) and the U.S. Congress approved new economic sanctions against Iran – a familiar clutch of Iraq war hawks appear to be preparing the ground for a major new campaign to rally public opinion behind military action against the Islamic Republic. Read More Here

(RevoltOfThePlebs) – The Three Stooges Go To Israel

Slowly I turned… step by step… inch by inch…

Does anyone remember the famous black-and-white skit, performed by the Three Stooges, where a psychotic Moe goes berserk and attacks an innocent bystander who unwittingly utters the trigger words “Niagara Falls!”?

Today, we have a new cast of crazies doing the same routine. Read More Here

(RawStory) – Netanyahu: Only US military threats can stop Iran from making nukes

“There has only been one time that Iran actually stopped the program,” Netanyahu told Fox News’ Chris Wallace Sunday. “That was when it feared US military action.” Read More Here

(AmericansJourney) – Video: PetroDollar recycling, first Iraq, now Iran – 3 Videos to Consider –

Why Iran?

How the dollar is connected to oil…and to the US military

..a short history of Iran for Americans

Ray McGovern has a great track record – and actually speaks of the moral issues. The other gentleman – I’m not sure. But a video worth watching…

Source: Americans Journey


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