World War

(PressTV) – ‘Petraeus wrote anti-Islamic manual’

According to a manual allegedly co-authored by General David Petraeus, the new commander of US, NATO, and other US-led forces in Afghanistan, associates insurgency with Islam. Read More Here

(WarIsACrime) – When Teachers Unions Back War Escalation – Read More Here

(PaulWatson) – Video: CNN Host Calls Deadly Terror Bombings “Helpful” To NWO Agenda

CNN host Rick Sanchez let slip a telling admission in response to the deadly bombings in Uganda during his show yesterday, the fact that such attacks are “helpful” for the military-industrial complex agenda to take over and occupy third world countries under AFRICOM, the United States African Command. View More Here

(PPJGazette) – Mexican Drug Cartel soldiers shot in Arizona desert: Los Zetas officer says shoot to kill Americans in retaliation – Read More Here

(Vimeo) – Video: Grant F. Smith: JFK Tried to Stop Israel from Developing Nukes! – View Video Here

(TheNational) – Israel paves the way for killing by remote control

It is called Spot and Shoot. Operators sit in front of a TV monitor from which they can control the action with a PlayStation-style joystick.

The aim: to kill. Read More Here

(KurtNimmo) – Video: CNN’s Sanchez: Dead Africans Good for War Against Manufactured Terror

It’s somewhat of a bad joke when Republicans complain about the “liberal bias” at CNN. The propaganda outlet masquerading as a news network owned by the eugenicist Ted Turner is no more “liberal” than Fox News or any other transnational media corporation.

CNN exists to dispense propaganda for the establishment. It has served as an outpost for military personnel from the Fourth Psychological Operations Group based at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina. It is a bright star in the Operation Mockingbird constellation. It has played the false right-left paradigm game for decades. Video Link Here

Video: Israel’s sneaky way of stealing land which violates International Law – Video Link Here


(YNet) – Iranian fighter turned US spy: Tehran will attack Israel

Former Revolutionary Guard member who relayed its secret operations to CIA for 10 years says Iran will commit ‘most horrendous suicide bombing in human history’ if not stopped Read More Here

(AntiWar) – Hillary Clinton’s Latest Lies – Paul Craig Roberts

The BBC reported on July 4 that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US ballistic missile base in Poland was not directed at Russia. The purpose of the base, she said, is to protect Poland from the Iranian threat.

Why would Iran be a threat to Poland? What happens to US credibility when the Secretary of State makes such a stupid statement? Does Hillary think she is fooling the Russians? Does anyone on earth believe her? What is the point of such a transparent lie? To cover up an act of American aggression against Russia? Read More Here


(TV3) – Video: IDF Put Arsenic in Detained Gaza Flotilla Volunteer’s Food –


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