Video: The Radical Truth About Ron Paul!

He’s radical and not mainstream, this tells the truth about him.


4 thoughts on “Video: The Radical Truth About Ron Paul!

  1. Quoting Barry Goldwater: Extremism in the defense of Liberty is No Vice.

    In the humble opinion of this single American, we are NOT nearly radical enough…..those who mock limited government and shred the constitution are NOT, “our friends across the isle,” they are traitorous, treasonous; the domestic enemies of the constitution we took an oath to protect against. (am I being clear?)

  2. How “radical” can he be? He’s a stinking Republican.

    He might be called radical, if he’d shed that bogus 1/2 of the corrupt duopolistic monster. Until then, he is just another act.

  3. Hey B-man, until you have produced the fantastic explosion of patriotism, dedication, and education about our present situation in this country that Ron Paul has, you are just more noise in the murky depths of propaganda that assaults all well intended people.

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