World War

(Perdana) – Breaking the Siege against Gaza: We must End the Apartheid and Establish an Independent Palestine State – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Tony Blair : A Bright Shining Lie. When Mass Murder is upheld as a Peace-making Endeavor….

We live in strange times. In October 2009, the fledgling President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for: ” .. his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples.” He was: “surprised and deeply humbled”, accepting it as : “a call to action.” Oh good, more “… diplomacy and co-operation …?” Not quite. Read More Here

(AlJazeera) – India: ISI behind Mumbai attacks

A senior Indian official has accused Pakistani intelligence of orchestrating the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Read More Here

(NarcoNewsBulletin) – US Military Surge in Costa Rica May Fan Regional Tensions – Read More Here

(TheBastard) – Holbrooke: War cannot be won militarily

“As you said, Mr. Chairman, there is no military solution here, so as General Petraeus and General McChrystal said, you cannot win this war by killing every member of Taliban,” Holbrooke, told US senators on Wednesday, Press TV reported. Read More Here

(Uruknet) – Video: Afghanistan Rights Monitor SLAMS Washington Spin About “Progress” in Afghanistan – View More Here

(Naharnet) – Williams: UNIFIL Found No Evidence to Support Israeli Claims about Hizbullah Depots

U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams said UNIFIL has found no evidence to support Israeli allegations about Hizbullah weapons cache south of the Litani River.
“UNIFIL has found nothing to support these Israeli claims,” Williams said in an interview published Thursday by Al-Akhbar daily. Read More Here

(RussiaToday) – Video: Does the US have a double standard for Israel?

We know all about Hamas and Hezbollah, but why don’t Americans know more about other militant organizations—particularly those in Israel? Danny Schechter says that the media doesn’t help people understand the dynamics and instead engages in mass deception. – Video Link Here

(SouthLebanon) – Marwahin Massacre: A Crime against Humanity

A crime against humanity, a crime that is impossible to be justified on any military grounds. This is the least that can describe what happened during Israeli aggression against Lebanon in the southern Lebanese village, Marwahin. Read More Here


(RawStory) – Study: Attack on Iran Would be the “Start of the Long War”: “An Attack could Send Oil Prices through the Roof” – Read More Here

(IPS) – Clues Suggest Amiri Defection Was an Iranian Plant

U.S. officials are explaining Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri’s return to Iran as the result of a defector having a change of heart because of his concern about Iranian government threats to his family. Iran and Amiri himself have insisted that it is a simple case of a victim of abduction escaping his captors.

But several features of the story of Amiri’s defection suggest that Amiri may have been acting on Iranian government orders to defect temporarily in order to embarrass the U.S. government. Read More Here

(TIME) – Attack on Iran: Back on the Table – Read More Here

(Independent) – Iran scientist: CIA offered me $50m to lie about nuclear secrets

An Iranian scientist who says he was abducted and taken to the United States by the CIA returned to Tehran yesterday to a hero’s welcome and claimed that he had been pressured into lying about his country’s nuclear programme. Read More Here

(IsraelNationalNews) – Think Tank Says Israel would Strike Iranian Universities

A British think tank, the Oxford Research Group (ORG), has issued a report that says Israel is poised to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities and warns against doing so. The group is partially funded by the Ford Foundation and its analysts have, in the past, advocated negotiating with Iran and written articles that portrayed Hamas in a positive light. Read More Here

(NYTimes) – Russia Plan to Help Iran Challenges Sanctions

Russia’s energy minister announced a broad program of cooperation with Iran in the oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries on Wednesday that appeared to invite Russian companies to contravene sanctions the Obama administration adopted just two weeks ago. Read More Here

(INTIFADA) – Terrorists United Against Peace—Illusion Versus Reality

A confluence of news stories emerged this past week that, if related, shed an unusual light on the deteriorating crisis in the mid-east, most especially on Palestine and Iran. Read More Here

(PressTV) – Video: US & British Intel Agencies Are Working On A Fake Video To Lead To War With Iran


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