Orwell’s nightmare–big brother is here

(Examiner) – In George Orwell’s chilling novel, 1984, the author depicts a future society in which citizens are controlled by an all-seeing, all-knowing big government, referred to as ‘big brother.’  Orwell’s nightmare is here, now.

A sampling of the major news stories today merely prove we are now living under the very tyranny about which Orwell warned and about which stalwart defenders of liberty such as Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater, M. Stanton Evans, and Whitaker Chambers kept an ever-watchful eye.

Here are but a few troubling examples:

**The FCC and the FTC are now planning a government takeover of the news industry, complete with a tax on conservative radio and Internet websites in order to subsidize liberal media outlets that are losing revenue to the point of bankruptcy.  This would effectively silence conservatives and give the mouthpieces of the Obama regime full control of the news.  Does anyone care that Hitler and Stalin did the very same thing?

**CBS News contributor Nancy Giles told Tea Party organizer Dana Loesch to ‘shut up’ and for controllers in the booth to ‘turn off her microphone.’

**Leftwing news sites that are favored by the regime, such as HuffPo, The Nation, and liberal Alan Colmes of Fox News used a bogus, fraudulent video produced by the ultra-Leftwing think tank ‘Think Progress’ to ‘prove’ racism in the Tea Party. As it turns out, the whole thing was a complete fabrication.

**Obama’s penchant for appointing unelected, unaccountable ‘czars’ is continuing with a vengeance, this time promoting the White House chef to the position of senior policy adviser on health food.

**In a closely-related move, the new ObamaCare legislation contains a provision in its section on electronic medical records that requires the obesity rating for every American be included in the files by 2014.

**The Obama regime shut down the WordPress host of 73,000 blogs this week, citing ‘abuses.’  Since when, in a free society, does the government have the authority to shut down the free speech/communication of its citizens?

**The regime uses its enormous influence over academia and research grants by favoring scientists who mouth the party line of ‘man-made global warming,’ even to the point of continuing to fudge the figures on climate. In the latest figures supplied by the government which show that supposedly 2010 is the ‘hottest on record,’ the report fails to mention that temperature gauges are placed in the hottest areas possible, such as in urban areas, on pavement, or near air conditioning exhaust units.  How very convenient.

Totalitarian regimes routinely pull such sleights of hand in order to bolster their grab for more power.  If the peons in the populace don’t know any better because they are not provided with healthy dissent in the media, then governments can and will justify continued control over the individual choices of citizens by using the manipulation of facts, such as we see with ‘global warming.’

These examples all point to a deadly disturbing fact–not only is the United States of America headed toward the Orwellian nightmare of tyranny but, in fact, we are already there.

It will only get worse until the citizens take action.

As the late Barry Goldwater stated during the 1964 Republican Convention, ‘Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.’

Source: Examiner


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