(CSPAN) – Video: Ron Paul EXPOSES the Real GDP and Unemployment Numbers – Video Link Here

(NBC25) – Video: Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan – Video Link Here

(BusinessInsider) – The U.S. Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out – Read More Here

(ProjectSyndicate) – Double-Dip Days – Nouriel Roubini

The global economy, artificially boosted since the recession of 2008-2009 by massive monetary and fiscal stimulus and financial bailouts, is headed towards a sharp slowdown this year as the effect of these measures wanes. Worse yet, the fundamental excesses that fueled the crisis – too much debt and leverage in the private sector (households, banks and other financial institutions, and even much of the corporate sector) – have not been addressed. Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Is the “War on Wall Street” Over – Danny Schechter – Read More Here

(Fox) – Our Unemployment Insurance Addiction – Read More Here

(ConnectMidMichigan) – Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan – Read More Here

(GlobalResearch) – Working People in America impoverished by Obama’s Economic Policies: Labor Fights Back for Living Wages and Jobs For All – Shamus Cooke

If U.S. economy eventually recovers and current trends continue, U.S. workers won’t be celebrating in the streets. The corporate establishment has made it clear that a “strong recovery” depends on U.S. workers making “great sacrifices” in the areas of wages, health care, pensions, and more ominously, reductions in so-called “entitlement programs” — Social Security, Medicare, and other social services. Read More Here

(AP) – Stores push summertime ‘Christmas’ sales – Read More Here

(PhilsStockWorld) – It’s the End of the World As We Know It

What are 308,367,109 Americans supposed to do? Read More Here

(InternationalForecaster) – Stage Two of Europe’s Credit Crisis: An Internal Bank and Sovereign Debt Crisis Combined – Bob Chapman

The crisis affecting Europe is nothing new. It goes back three years and the beginning of the credit crisis, 60% of the subprime CDOs, collateralized debt obligations, had been sold to European institutions. These were the mortgage bonds, which contained a variety of toxic waste, which the rating agencies, S&P, Moody’s and Fitch, in collusion with banks and brokerage houses, had sold as AAA bonds, when in fact their ratings should have been considerably lower. The holders of these bonds in many instances became insolvent and had to be bailed out by capital injections from central banks, most of the funds were lent by the Federal Reserve. Read More Here

(GoldSeek) – These 72 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go Parabolic To Between $2,500 and $15,000!

Believe it or not but I have identified 72 economists, academics, gold analysts and market commentators who have developed sound rationale as to why gold could quite possibly go to a parabolic top of at least $2,500 an ounce to even as much as an unimaginable $15,000 before the bubble finally pops! Read More Here

(NYTimes) – After Job Training, Still Scrambling for a Job – Read More Here


(WattsUpWithThat) – Breaking: Phil Jones got to endorse papers for Oxburgh inquiry

Previously I have said this about the lack of integrity regarding the recent Climategate investigations:

The investigations thus far are much like having a trial with judge, jury, reporters, spectators, and defendant, but no plaintiff. The plaintiff is locked outside the courtroom sitting in the hall hollering and hoping the jury hears some of what he has to say. Is it any wonder the verdicts keep coming up “not guilty”?

Now from Bishop Hill we learn that it appears that the Oxburgh investigation let Dr. Phil Jones endorse what evidence (papers he’s published) to review. So let me amend what I said above: Read More Here


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