Health News

(NaturalNews) – HIV vaccines cause 50 percent false positive rate in HIV tests – Mike Adams

It may come as a big surprise to most people, but HIV tests given to people today don’t actually test for the presence of the HIV virus. Rather, they test for the presence of HIV antibodies that the immune system creates to defend itself against HIV. And just because you have HIV antibodies doesn’t mean you actually carry HIV. In some circumstances, up to 50 percent of HIV positives are false, causing havoc with the lives of those patients who are falsely accused of being “HIV positive.” Read More Here

(BBC) – Vaccine patch may replace

A vaccine patch could cut out the need for painful needles and boost the effectiveness of immunisation against diseases like flu, say US researchers.

The patch has hundreds of microscopic needles which dissolve into the skin. Read More Here

(Guardian) – Greenpeace finds evidence of GM rice contamination in China’s emergency grain stores

China’s ban on GM rice questioned as environmental activists discover unapproved transgenic products at two grain sources Read More Here

(Telegraph) – Regular mobile phone use linked to tinnitus: research

Regular use of a mobile phone for more than four years almost doubles the chance of developing tinnitus – the debilitating condition that causes constant ringing or buzzing in the ears. Read More Here

(MailOnline) – Could being too houseproud raise risk of breast cancer? – Read More Here


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