BP Oil Gusher

(PreventDisease) – More Than Half World’s Oxygen May Be At Risk Due To Oil Pollution of Ocean’s Benthic Zone

Marine biomes cover 75% of the earth’s surface and have an enormous impact on our planet’s climate. In the benthic zone, these biomes supply more than half of the world’s oxygen. As a consequence of the BP oil disaster, scientists are very concerned about the global oxygen supply if this layer of the ocean becomes saturated with contaminates of oil and other toxins. Read More Here

(ABC) – Video: BP Shut of Critical ALARM Systems BEFORE oil spill – Video Link Here

(NYTimes) – Scientists Confirm Underwater Plumes Are From Spill

Florida researchers said Friday that they had for the first time conclusively linked vast plumes of microscopic oil droplets drifting in the Gulf of Mexico to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Read More Here

Video: Scientists Confirm Matt Simmons Claim by discovering 2 Giant Underwater Oil Spills

It’s official — the oil plumes USF scientists found deep underwater in the Gulf are definitely from the BP blowout.

USF researchers said Friday they used chemical fingerprints to directly tie the clouds of oil to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. – Video Link Here

(AFP) – BP accused of trying to silence science on spill

The head of the American Association of Professors accused BP Friday of trying to buy the silence of scientists and academics to protect itself after the Gulf oil spill, in a BBC interview.

“This is really one huge corporation trying to buy faculty silence in a comprehensive way,” said Cary Nelson. Read More Here

(TheNation) – BP Hires Prison Labor to Clean Up Spill While Coastal Residents Struggle

In the first few days after BP’s Deepwater Horizon wellhead exploded, spewing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, cleanup workers could be seen on Louisiana beaches wearing scarlet pants and white t-shirts with the words “Inmate Labor” printed in large red block letters. Coastal residents, many of whom had just seen their livelihoods disappear, expressed outrage at community meetings; why should BP be using cheap or free prison labor when so many people were desperate for work? The outfits disappeared overnight. Read More Here

(12160) – Governor Jindal declares State of Emergency: Oil could “enter coastal homes”, evacuation orders expected today

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday declared a state of emergency… [The storm] was spending a lot of time over water, instead of land which would break it up. “It’s wise to prepare for a Category 1 hurricane, just in case,” the governor said… Read More Here

Video: BP caps DIFFERENT WELL – MORE LIES – Video Link Here

(MSNBC) – BP digitally alters press photo, confesses it’s a fake

Amateurish use of Photoshop causes yet another BP embarrassment Read More Here

(RedactedNews) – Technician: Deepwater Horizon Warning System Disabled

The chief engineer on the Deepwater Horizon tells a government panel that warning systems on the drilling rig were inhibited because the crew did not want to be disturbed in the middle of the night. Read More Here

FLASHBACK(WashingtonsBlog) – Methane Release From the Gulf Oil Spill: What Does It Mean? How Bad Could It Get? – Read More Here


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