(ABCNews) – Video: How do you choose between paying your bills and feeding your kids? – Video Link Here

(Money&Markets) – Four Shocking Bombshells Bernanke Did NOT Tell Congress About Last Week

In his testimony before Congress last week, Ben Bernanke lifted the Fed’s skirt and gave us a glimpse of the disasters now sweeping through the U.S. economy.

But there are four bombshells he did NOT talk about: Read More Here

(HuffingtonPost) – Neel Kashkari, TARP Guru, Supports Cutting Entitlements, Citing ‘Me-First’ Attitude Of Beneficiaries – Read More Here

(Fox) – Video: Peter Schiff on Freedom Watch

(DesMoinesReg) – Goldman reveals where bailout cash went

Goldman Sachs sent $4.3 billion in federal tax money to 32 entities, including many overseas banks, hedge funds and pensions, according to information made public Friday night. Read More Here

(MarketWatch) – Crawford calls ‘Cardinal Climax’

Commentary: Winning letter says disaster to begin Monday Read More Here

(DailyBail) – The Feinberg Report and “The Wisdom of TARP”

Ken Feinberg appears on stage Friday to announce that 2008 bank bonuses were “ill-advised,” but assures us of “the wisdom of TARP.” Read More Here

Video: How government works – The case for the right to rob you – Video Link Here

(Bloomberg) – Video: Marc Faber – Fed to Crank Up the Printing Presses (July 2010) – Video Link Here

(SchiffReportVLog) – Video: Peter Schiff on dollar stress, Bernanke, GM, gold dealers – Video Link Here

REPOSTVideo: World Collapse Explained in Three Minutes –


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