Ex-Malaysian premier still says 9/11 inside job

(PressTV) – Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad has once again stated that the September 11 attacks were a staged event, rejecting claims that his comments are a publicity stunt.

“What do I gain from a publicity stunt? I am merely going by a public statement. I am not going to be a Prime Minister anymore unless you (pointing to a journalist) want me to …” the former Malaysian prime minister told reporters on Friday.

After watching a three-hour video of the attack on the World Trade Center buildings, Mohamad, had suggested earlier in his blog that the twin towers had collapsed “demolition style.”

Later on Friday, Mahathir also called on local television stations to show the three-hour video.

“It sounds logical to me. Until today, you cannot even find scraps of the plane that crashed into the World Trade Centre and there is no picture of the other plane, which was supposed to crash.”

“The way the tower came crashing down was also funny. People who saw it were also not ordinary people. They were professional engineers and what they say is quite credible.”

“I wish some television stations would consent to show the video as it is not long and only three hours. You can then see what I saw.”

Mahathir also said some people were afraid of saying anything critical about the governments of powerful countries or accusing them of doing something wrong.

“But the government of powerful countries said lies to go to war,” he added

“I have great respect for the Arabs but for them to hijack four planes is not very Arab. Just imagine the amount of planning that would be involved.”

Rejecting claims that he was being insensitive to the victims, Mahathir stressed that he was “being more sensitive to the victims” as he was saying the attacks were carried out “deliberately.”

The former Malaysian prime minister also said that his views about how 9/11/2001 attacks were carried out would not affect Malaysia’s chances of attracting foreign investment.

“I have said this many times even when I was the prime minister. But we still have the foreign direct investment. However, we cannot rely on foreign direct investments alone. We must build on our own system,” he said.

Mahathir made the comments at a debut held for a book titled Civilizations, Nomadic Migrations, Empires and The Trail of Islam, at the Islamic Arts Museum in Kuala Lumpur.

The book which entails the history of mankind, origin and commonality of major religions, is authored by Syed Salem Albukhary.

Source: PressTV


9 thoughts on “Ex-Malaysian premier still says 9/11 inside job

  1. Folks-Yes it was a controlled demolition-Now how about an in depth investigation into the WHO..I am betting on Cheney/Neocons and Israel/Mossad

  2. is it not time to huddle in prayer and move on? – there is no proof -face facts – Irag and Iran together with the Taliban and its minions surely have the resources to pull this off. Let us get behind our great President of Peace and make this war on freedom and terror even half as successful as the war on drugs! God bless just us!

  3. just google or search engine; “Dominic Suter” and see what you get. His israeli mossad outfit that camped out in the Twin Towers and put the explosives into the buildings, all ‘3’ of them, got paid nearly half a million dollars for their ‘handy work’ and their affiliates on the Jersey side, aka; “THE DANCING ISRAELI’S” were part of Suter’s gang, as well.

    It’s amazing that a researcher named Aidan Monaghan traced the money to Dominic Suter’s ‘fake’ moving company, from the U.S. Treasury. Ask yourself; “for what legitimate purpose would the U.S. government issue a known MOSSAD GANG ON U.S. SOIL a cheque for nearly half a million dollars??”

    also know this: Dominic’s back in Jersey! Wonder if he brought any of his helpers with him????

  4. About a year ago several dust samples were collected at random sites around the WTC complex. The dust was carefully analyzed by Physicists, what they found in ALL of the samples was astounding.

    The dust contained unexploded particles of nano-thermate, a substance which can only be produced in a weapons laboratory. Ordinary Thermate is an incendiary material while Nano-Thermate is a hyper explosive which can also be used in Rocket Fuel.

    Did the mainstream media report this?


    Can it be said that in failing to report on such an important discovery, one which proves and explains how the Giant WTC buildings were literally pulverized by INSIDERS in the US Government that the mainstream media is guilty of complicity in the mass murder of thousands of people on 911?

    Of COURSE!

    The barbarous swine behind this must and will be caught and publicly executed, no matter who they are.

  5. lokis has to be kidding! let’s face the facts! jet fuel cannot melt steel, how did building 7 collapse the way it did not even being hit by a plane?, where is the proof a plane hit the pentagon? where did the molten steel come from? how did the most protected airspace in the world over the pentagon NOT shoot down or intercept the so called plane? why were the accused hijackers of the 9/11 planes found alive after 9/11? and many other questions! wake up you dope!

  6. thanx Harley – you are rite – and sorry to piss you off Philip – I remain livid that we exist without any investigative journalism on the continent – only overseas do we see legit discussions – Lokis being serious

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