BP Oil Gusher

(GRTV) – Video: The Oil Spill’s Unseen Culprits and Victims – Video Link Here

(Truthout) – BP Response Workers Report Low Morale, Lack of Pay, Sickness – Dahr Jamail – Read More Here

(MSNBC) – Oil spewing from well near Louisiana marsh

Adding insult to the Gulf’s injury, a wellhead hit by a tug boat is now spewing oil near a Louisiana marsh area, officials said Tuesday.

The oil is shooting up 20 feet into the air, the office of Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said. Read More Here

(Truthout) – Experts: Health Hazards in Gulf Warrant Evacuations

When Louisiana residents ask marine toxicologist and community activist Riki Ott what she would do if she lived in the Gulf with children, she tells them she would leave immediately. “It’s that bad. We need to start talking about who’s going to pay for evacuations.” Read More Here

(RolandBlog) – Toxic Black Rain Falling In The Gulf

A toxic black rain is now falling in the Gulf and the EPA and BP are doing everything to deny its existence but the truth is slowly emerging as millions of Gulf Coast residents are now becoming sick because of the lethal effects of oil and dispersants: Allen L Roland Read More Here

Video: Alex Reveals Why He’s Not Jumping The Gun on Evacuation Story for Gulf Coast States – Alex Jones Tv –


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