New York Times Crawled to Obama for Instructions on Wikileaks Docs

(KurtNimmo) – It is not news that the corporate media is a lapdog for the government. It disseminates propaganda, half-truths, and spin for the government. This became apparent prior to the “leak” of classified documents by Wikileaks earlier in the week.

According to Yahoo’s Michael Calderone, the Obama administration was “very pleased with how the New York Times dealt with its semi-exclusive access to the documents,” writes Alex Pareene for Salon. “Times Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet took reporters Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt to the White House last week to brief the administration on what they planned on publishing.

Kurt Nimmo
July 27, 2010

“I did in fact go the White House and lay out for them what we had,” Times Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet said. “We did it to give them the opportunity to comment and react. They did. They also praised us for the way we handled it, for giving them a chance to discuss it, and for handling the information with care. And for being responsible.”

After receiving instructions from the government, the Gray Lady redacted information under the rubric of national security. The Times excised information in order to protect “the safety of individual soldiers, but the White House doesn’t seem to have told the Times that publishing stories based on these documents would in any real way harm our troops,” according to Pareene.

Pareene then asks if the documents do not pose a threat to soldiers, why are they classified and top secret? “If it’s old news, and it just confirms what ‘everyone’ already knows, what was the rationale for keeping it classified and calling WikiLeaks all sorts of mean names for publishing it?” he muses.

It now appears the Wikileaks documents were used to provide an excuse and rationale to increase hostilities against Pakistan. Indeed, everybody knows the U.S. occupation army wantonly slaughters Afghan civilians the same way they wantonly slaughtered Iraqis — more than a million of them.

Late last year Obama lumped together the usual intelligence agency spawned bad guys — al-Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani network, and Lashkar-e-Taiba — in order to paved the skids toward a more intense murder campaign in that country.

Expect these “leaked” documents to be cited in the future as the Pentagon steps up its campaign in Pakistan. It remains to be seen if Wikileaks is complicit in the release of propaganda or if they are merely clueless chumps played by the Pentagon.

Source: Infowars

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