BP Oil Gusher

For Your EYES ONLY: Gulf Killers Still at Large – J. Speer-Williams – Download Word Doc Here

(Guardian) – 100 days of oil: Gulf life will never be the same – Read More Here

REPOST – (Renst) – Video: Rense & Icke, Gulf Oil Disaster June 29th, yet timeless, excerpt – Video Link Here

(Makow) – Oil Used as a Pretext for Corexit?

The story from Mathew Simmons (that the oil well was never capped and was still raging at full speed) has been deemed to be a misleading fraud. [Price & Makow.com fell for it. Apologies] It looks like the purpose of his “disclosure” was to get us to believe that the major cause of death in the gulf region is from methane gas and abiotic oil, WHEN IN FACT, the cause of death is corexit. Read More Here

Michigan Spill

(LansingStateJournal) – Kalamazoo River oil spill – A Michigan environmental disaster – Read More Here

(Fox17News) – Video: Enbridge Energy Crude Oil Spill into Kalamazoo River – Video Link Here


Video: CONFIRMED – LAB TESTED Gulf Coast Water Samples are ‘VERY TOXIC’ – Sea Spray is POISONOUS

Oil and water samples were taken from both the Shores of Grand Isle and from 20 miles out. The preliminary analysis was done at an academic analytical chemistry laboratory. Looking for the likely pollutants from the deep water Horizon Oil spill. It was focused on the detection of benzene and propylene glycol. Benzene and other highly toxic contaminants were very low however the concentration of propylene glycol was between 360 and 440 parts per million. Just 25 parts per million is know to kill most fish and propylene glycol is just one of many ingredients found in Corexit. In short, the Gulf is being poisoned by BP’s usage of the dispersants even after the EPA asked them to stop back in May. We are willing to provide ANY respected/known laboratory these samples or provide them with more. This is very serious to all people and marine life in and around the Gulf.


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