(SilverBearCafe) – The Market Is a Hologram Masking Deflation – Max Keiser

Since the global financial crisis started in earnest in 2008, there has been a debate raging in economic circles. Is the economy experiencing inflation or deflation? Read More Here

(BusinessInsider) – Niall Ferguson: Empires Fall Abruptly, And The American Empire Is On The Brink

Niall Ferguson, writing in The Australian, believes that the American Empire could be on the brink of extinction. His theory, based on a historical critique of how empires fracture and fall, notes the fiscal instability of the Hapsburg Spanish, Bourbon French, and British Empire prior to their falls. Read More Here

(LudwigInstitute) – Video: There Will Be Hyper(Inflation) by Thorsten Polleit – Video Link Here

(InflationUS) – Video: National Inflation Association Preparing for Hyper-Inflation

See Also: (InflationUS) – Video: Alert! China Dumping T-Bills in Real Time! USA Depression Update! Video Link Here

FLASHBACK – (SeattleTimes) – Bush report: Sending jobs overseas helps U.S. – Read More Here

(CounterPunch) – Abandoning the Manufacturing Sector – Taft-Hartley Revisited – Read More Here

(IND) – The US town that outsourced everything

The authorities in Maywood decided on a drastic approach to their budget deficit – sack every municipal worker Read More Here

(SW) – Let them eat fiscal responsibility

The talk among politicians has turned steadily to austerity, austerity and more austerity. Read More Here

(CounterPunch) – Deaf, Dumb and Blind – US Treasury is Running on Fumes – Paul Craig Roberts

The US economy and the well-being of Americans are being sacrificed to the regime’s wars. The states are broke and laying off teachers. Even “rich” California, formerly touted as “the seventh largest economy in the world,” is reduced to issuing script and cutting its state workers’ pay to the minimum wage. Read More Here

(WSJ) – Tax Aversion Syndrome and Our Deficit Future

We’ve run out of painless options. Higher taxes and reduced entitlement benefits for the well-off are the only solutions. Read More Here

(AllGov) – Banks Failing at Fastest Rate Since 1992 – Read More Here

(CNBC) – Video: Jim Rogers Calls CNBC A Market PR Agency Whose Sole Purpose Is To Make Stocks Go Higher – View Video here

(CBO) – Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

Over the past few years, U.S. government debt held by the public has grown rapidly—to the point that, compared with the total output of the economy, it is now higher than it has ever been except during the period around World War II. Read More Here

(SPACE) – More Than 1,300 Space Shuttle Workers Get Layoff Notices

“Our workforce has known for several years that the Space Shuttle Program has been scheduled to end, but layoffs are always difficult for everyone involved,” said Virginia Barnes, USA president and chief executive, said in a July 6 statement. “We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.” Read More Here

(AmericanThinker) – Repent — The End Is Near

We are ruled by a political class that lacks ethics, integrity, and ability. We are lied to daily. We are not in an economic recovery. The financial crisis is not over. The reality is that the economy and financial system are in worse trouble today than they were two years ago. We have not seen anything yet compared to what lies ahead! Read More Here

(MyBudget360) – FDIC flashes SOS – 1,000 bank failures before recession is over – FDIC not too far away from tapping into U.S. Treasury $500 billion taxpayer lifeline. Georgia leads the pack with 40 bank failures since 2008 – Read More Here

(CBCNews) – GM closes Windsor plant, ending an era – Read More Here

(FoxNews) – Schwarzenegger Orders Government Worker Furloughs – Read More Here

(TaxProfBlog) – Tax Liens Up 200%, With 26% IRS Error Rate – Read More Here

(Money&Markets) – NEWS FLASH: U.S. industry SINKING FAST — what to do … – Read More Here

(DSNews) – LPS Data Shows GSE Foreclosure Starts Are Accelerating – Read More Here

(Kitco) – Smoking Guns of U.S. Treasury Monetization

A significant feature of fiat money systems is the privilege for the custodian of the reserve currency to engage in regular practices of ham-fisted monetary management, even permission for fraudulent centers to flourish, surely developing a debt monster that an economy grows dependent upon Read More Here


(DakotaVoice) – Liberal Environmentalist Pans Global Warming

You know they hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is in dire trouble when a liberal environmentalist trashes it publicly. Read More Here

(MailOnline) – British Gas profits soar 98% after bitter winter but company still fails to pass on price cuts

Profits at British Gas have almost doubled after the firm cashed in on a bitterly cold winter that left millions struggling to pay for heat and light. Read More Here

(MercoPress) – Southern Cone frozen: 100 dead and thousands of cattle lost

The polar wave that has trapped the Southern Cone of South America has caused an estimated one hundred deaths and killed thousands of cattle, according to the latest reports on Monday from Argentina, south of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia. Read More Here

(WashingtonTimes) – EDITORIAL: Pacific islands not sinking from global warming

New study debunks Al Gore’s hysterical fairy tale Read More Here

(Guardian) – Hackers shut down EU carbon-trading website

Hackers hijacked Europe’s carbon-trading website and replaced it with spoof page detailing flaws in cap and trade scheme Read More Here


Video: The Year America Dissolved – Alex Jones covering Paul Craig Roberts Write-Up –


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