The United States Remains a British Colony III

(MoneyTeachers) – When the English Aristocracy and their Bankster Allies opposed Lincoln, in favor of the South, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The British people were opposed to slavery and the Proclamation drove a wedge between them and the Crown. In one stroke, Lincoln destroyed any hope the Southern States had of an open alliance with England and France.

The Banksters took a new approach. They focused their efforts at regaining control of Congress and the Republican Party. Money is the “milk-blood” of politics, and they prevailed. Lincoln was forced into a series of compromises near the end of the Civil War that doomed any chance of economic independence from the Bank of England and her minions in the US. In the words of the Chancellor of Germany (Otto Von Bismarck): Read More Here

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    15. No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission in obedience to the laws for the time being made and enforced by persons in de facto possession of the sovereign power in and over the place where the act or omission occurs. [R.S., c.C-34, s.15.]
    The Link:

    THE GOVERNOR GENERAL (Michaëlle Jean) AND COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF CANADA–(Has full authority over all military forces…can dissolve the parliament and lock down the country at anytime…the QUEEN can ORDER this).

    AS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CROWN IN CANADA, THE GOVERNOR GENERAL HAS A CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE AS DE-FACTO HEAD OF STATE–(DE-FACTO meaning USURPED–To seize and hold the power or rights of another, for example; by force, or without legal authority–To take over, or occupy, without right–To take the place of (another), without legal authority; supplant–To seize another’s place, authority, or possession wrongfully).
    The Link:

    The Role Of The Governor General.
    (Listen up at 2:16 – 2:58(Dead Lock?) – 3:05 – 3:32 & 4:30 into this Video)

    Video Link:

    (Italics, Underlining and Brackets, are mine.)

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