(WSWS) – The “new normal”: More than one in five Americans at risk of destitution – Read More Here

(CNBC) – Video: Victor Sperandeo warns of hyperinflation

“Trader Vic” Sperandeo is on CNBC describing the historical pattern for the onset of hyperinflation, and says the conditions for such a runaway inflation are now here in the US. Video Link Here

(SeekingAlpha) – 8 More Reasons Why a Double Dip Is Coming

As earnings season continues and one company after another beats expectations, the economic numbers are continuing to come in below estimates. The data and indicators are increasingly painting a picture of an economy that is falling apart. Here are a few of the reasons why another recession is imminent: Read More Here

(PragCap) – American Trucking Association: The Economy is Slowing – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – Recession in U.S. Was Even Worse Than Estimated, Revisions Show – Read More Here

(EconomicCollapse) – Look What Surprises They Snuck Into The Financial Reform Bill – Read More Here

(TaxProfBlog) – Obama’s Broken Tax Pledge

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs seems to have forgotten that his boss has already broken his central campaign promise – a “firm pledge” that “no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” Read More Here

(CounterPunch) – Trillions for Wall Street – Mike Whitney

On Tuesday, the 30-year fixed rate for mortgages plunged to an all-time low of 4.56 per cent. Rates are falling because investors are still moving into risk-free liquid assets, like Treasuries. It’s a sign of panic and the Fed’s lame policy response has done nothing to sooth the public’s fears. The flight-to-safety continues a full two years after Lehman Bros blew up. Read More Here

(WashingtonsBlog) – Video: Mainstream Economists: “Mission Accomplished”

Numerous current stories show how disconnected mainstream policy-makers are from reality. View More Here


(WattsUpWithThat) – Reviewing Last Month’s Forecasts of Doom

These same people fail with their forecasts of doom over and over, and just keep turning up the volume. Meanwhile Antarctic ice continues at record highs. Maybe The Guardian needs to do a story about that? Read More Here

Video: RayStevens – The Global Warming Song –


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