(SchiffReport) – Video: Dollar, Fed, GDP, Japan, Bailouts – View Video Here

(InflationUS) – Video: Food Storage Basics, Preparing for Hyperinflation

(WSJ) – Mortgage Rates Fall Again; 30-Year Fixed At 4.54% – Freddie – Read More Here

(AP) – AP survey: A bleaker outlook for economy into 2011 – Read More Here

(TaxProf) – Geithner’s GDP Whopper, Geithner’s GDP Whopper:
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made a false claim about the size of government spending being proposed by the Obama administration. Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – IMF Says U.S. Financial System May Need $76 Billion in Capital – Read More Here

(McClatchy) – Homes keep falling into foreclosure as programs fail to help – Read More Here


(LANow) – Cool summer: L.A. sets more low-temperature records

The unusually cool summer continued in Southern California, where several new record-low temperatures were recorded on Wednesday. Read More Here

(CNews) – Key indicators show global warming ‘undeniable’

Melting glaciers, more humid air and eight other key indicators show that global warming is undeniable, scientists said Wednesday, citing a new comprehensive review of the last decade of climate data. Read More Here


Video: Bob Chapman’s Friday Report – Our Fed Participates In The Destruction of America – Alex Jones Tv

The miscreants in Congress have just passed their version of so-called financial reform, which they euphemistically call financial regulation legislation, which when signed by our peerless leader, will set up the Federal Reserve as a totalitarian monstrosity with absolute control over our financial system as a reward for the Fed’s intentional destruction of our economy.

Now mind you, the Federal Reserve, which Congress has now put in charge of our entire financial system, is the privately owned, and largely foreign owned, central bank of the US which has always operated, and which continues to operate, in total secrecy, and with zero accountability. So, after the Fed destroyed our economy with malice aforethought, it certainly must have made perfect sense to the apparent morons and village idiots in Congress to put the Fed completely in charge. That way, we won’t have the slightest clue about what is being done to our financial system, which the Fed will regulate in total secrecy, with the usual zero accountability, and with input from the Fed’s foreign owners who will have a say over our economy and our financial system from behind the scenes. Who could possibly argue with such logic? You just can’t make this stuff up! Obviously, our Congress are not idiots, as they know exactly what they are doing. After all, what would you expect from a bunch of corrupt Illuminist marionettes who are either on the take, who are compromised by the skeletons in their closet, or both.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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