Jane Burgermeister Is Under Attack


It has emerged that the Austrian government has attempted to frame Jane Burgermeister by inventing a fake set of criminal charges.

The criminal charges attributed to a Heiner Lohmann have, in fact, been invented by the government, which appears to be working hand in hand with Big Pharma to discredit swine flu jab critics and find a pretext to detain them by filing fake charges that can be used to classify me as a mentally unstable conspiracy theorist. Read More Here

(BirdFlu666) – Austrian government INVENTS fake criminal charges to frame Jane Burgermeister: Heiner Lohmann emails in to say he never filed any charges

An email has just come in from Heiner Lohmann, resident in Germany, saying he never filed any criminal charges against Judge Michaela Lauer, as maintained in the letter from the corruption state prosecutor.

Heiner Lohmann said he himself is being persecuted by the German authorities for his opposition to the mass vaccination of his cows.

That strongly suggests the notion that the charges by Lohmann mentioned by the Austrian prosecutors have simply been invented out of thin air for one purpose only – and that is to bury my charges against them containing evidence of the manipulation of files and lies to frame me. Read More Here

(BirdFlu666) – About the latest attempt to smear me by the Austrian government before the next vaccination campaign gets underway

It certainly looks like I am being set up – and that the swine flu activists Christine Cote and Heiner Lohmann are also involved.

(BirdFlu666) – Austrian government attempts to frame Jane Burgermeister

The Austrian government’s and Big Pharma’s ludicrous agenda to frame Jane Burgermeister and get her jailed has now reached a new level.

Anyone who thought that judges and prosecutors in Austria are not capable of the most blatant mafia methods to set up critics of the swine flu vaccination campaign for arrest needs to think again. Read More Here

(BirdFlu666) – Jane Burgermeister distances herself from theflucase website now classified as a terrorist site

I had an offer of help to get the http://www.theflucase.com website transferred to me from Johan Niklasson but after thinking about it, I have turned the offer down.

The flucase website is now classified as a terrorist website following Johan Niklasson’s 10 K list report. Read More Here

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