World War

(CampaignForLiberty) – The Trouble With Unconstitutional Wars – Ron Paul

Our foreign policy was in the spotlight last week, which is exactly where it should be. Almost two years ago many voters elected someone they thought would lead us to a more peaceful, rational co-existence with other countries. However, while attention has been focused on the administration’s disastrous economic policies, its equally disastrous foreign policies have exacerbated our problems overseas. Read More Here

(Gilad) – Gilad Atzmon: Israel Cannot Handle Its Past

In my latest work I elaborated on the concerning fact that history is foreign to the Jewish religion, ideology and politics. Israeli and Jewish history are set as phantasmic tales. Facts and historical documents are either pushed aside, shoved under the carpet, eliminated or simply destroyed. As we all know, truth seeking is interpreted by Israelis and Zionist as anti Semitism or even holocaust denial. Read More Here


In the early morning hours of last Saturday the IAF launched air strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip that killed a senior Hamas military leader. Ten other Palestinians were wounded in other strikes on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government said that the strikes were in retaliation to a rocket attack against Israel.

The way the Israeli media and the West report these tit-for-tat strikes against each other is designed to deliberately mislead Israeli citizens and the West. Read More Here

(RussiaToday) – Video: Illuminati Banksters Funding Cluster Bomb Munitions

Over ninety countries have promised to ban cluster bombs, whose mini explosives often fail to explode and lie like land mines for years. But campaigners say its the banks driving the trade now, with financial institutions showing few qualms about funding the world’s weapon makers. Video Link Here

(AsiaPacJournal) – American Military Bases on Guam: The US Global Military Basing System – Prof. Catherine Lutz – Read More Here

(WRH) – Video: World War 3 Is Starting And US Has Already Lost – Michael Rivero – Video Link Here

(GamaSutra) – Analysis: What Metal Gear Solid 4 Teaches Us About the War Economy

Continuing his series of analyses of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, writer Zoran Iovanovici examines the fourth title in the series — Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (the direct sequel to MGS2) looking at the polarizing game’s relationship with the military-industrial complex and the war economy. Read More Here

(Makow) – Wikileaks Confirm US Funds Taliban

“The Taliban are stronger than ever and a crucial component of their success is the support they receive from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The military spy agency nurtured the Taliban in the 1990s and has maintained ties to the group ever since.”

And guess who has been funding Pakistan and the ISI to the tune of billions of dollars? Billions of which “go missing?” Read More Here


(Fox) – Video: Bomb Iran NOW! – John Bolton – Video Link Here

(GlobalResearch) – Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran – Michel Chossudovsky

Humanity is at a dangerous crossroads. War preparations to attack Iran are in “an advanced state of readiness”. Hi tech weapons systems including nuclear warheads are fully deployed.

This military adventure has been on the Pentagon’s drawing board since the mid-1990s. First Iraq, then Iran according to a declassified 1995 US Central Command document. Read More Here

(WSJ) – How the CIA Got It Wrong on Iran’s Nukes

In 2007, U.S. intelligence said Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons program. Analyst policy bias and disinformation from Iranian double agents may explain the mistake. Read More Here


(GlobalResearch) – Petraeus Is Winding Back Afghanistan’s Clock

When US General David Petraeus assumed command of General Stanley McChrystal’s post as chief of all foreign troops in Afghanistan, the White House rolled out a predominate theme to keep public approval from flat-lining: “change in personnel but not strategy,” in the words of President Barack Obama. He couldn’t afford to rework his surge so late in the game. Changing strategies now would delay his July 2011 transfer deadline, a possibility that could kill the support he has left. Read More Here

(WSWS) – Leaked Documents Expose the Imperialist War in Afghanistan – Read More Here


(ABCNews) – Obama On The Iraq Drawdown: ‘As Promised and On Schedule’ – Read More Here

(Telegraph) – July deadliest month in Iraq for two years

The figures released late Saturday show that 535 people were killed last month, the highest since May 2008 when 563 died, heightening concerns over Iraq’s precarious security situation even as the U.S. troops are reducing their numbers. Read More Here


(Ma’an) – Medics: Israeli airstrike injures 42 in Gaza

The Israeli army has denied involvement, with an Israeli military spokeswoman saying there was no army or air force activity overnight. Read More Here

(Imgur) – Image: Palestine Loss of Land 1946-2000 – View Here

(MonstersAndCritics) – UN panel to fully investigate Gaza flotilla incident (Roundup) – Read More Here

(PoliticalTheatrics) – Making Gaza A ‘European Ghetto’

While most Israeli leaders are resistant to fully lifting the blockade of Gaza, Avigdor Lieberman, the right-wing foreign minister, is advocating that Israel abandon the Strip to international monitoring and economic rehabilitation.

The proposal, recently leaked to the Israeli press, does not amount to freeing Gaza but rather to placing it under European sea and land inspections and a reconstruction plan. Read More Here

(SouthLebanon) – Algerian aid ship will sail next Sunday to El-Arish port, Gaza

85 containers of relief aid are expected to be carried on board. Participating activists will travel by plane to Egypt to meet the ship, which is exclusively designated for donations.. The ship is scheduled to arrive at El-Arish port and the aid material will then be transported by land through the Rafah crossing. Read More Here

(SalemNews) – How American News Media Works In Favor Of Israel

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation. Read More Here

(TheAge) – Israel to expel 400 children

”On the one hand, this problem is a humanitarian problem, we all feel and understand the hearts of children,” Mr Netanyahu said. ”But on the other hand, there are Zionist considerations and ensuring the Jewish character of the state of Israel.” Read More Here


Video: Southern Avenger – Lindsey Graham’s Liberal War

When Senator Lindsey Graham warned of an “unholy alliance” between Republicans and Democrats who oppose the war in Afghanistan, he revealed not only an absurd concept of what’s “Left,” what’s “Right” but everything that is wrong with the GOP establishment’s foreign policy.


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