(CNBC) – Video: Marc Faber – Fed’s Printing Press to Create Final Crisis – Read More Here

(SalbuchiVLog) – Video: Salbuchi – Second Republic Project – Pillar 3 – REJECT THE DEBT-BASED SYSTEM – Video Part 1 HerePart 2 Here

(ZZBlog) – IMF: Trapping Countries into Debt

For decades, left critics of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have maintained that the IMF is merely a tool for enforcing the interests of financial elites, especially those in the US. Predictably, this view has been scornfully dismissed by those in power and their media lackeys who posture the institution as the benefactor of needy countries. The persistent history of the IMF’s extortionate funding, linked to austere cuts in social spending, is simply dismissed as pressing fiscal responsibility on countries lacking the spine to address their profligacy. Such are the myths that sustain faith in global capitalism. Read More Here

(MrZine) – Economic Recovery for the Few

Where is this elusive recovery? The banks, some say, have “recovered.” Yet they remain dependent on Washington, they do not make the loans needed for a general recovery, and many medium and small banks keep collapsing. The stock market shows no recovery. Read More Here

(MarketWatch) – The biggest lie about U.S. companies

Commentary: Healthy balance sheets? They owe $7.2 trillion, the most ever Read More Here

(SteveWatson) – New IMF Strategy Document Charts Launch Of “Bancor” Global Currency

Highlights “potential resistance” on road from “voluntary multilateral framework” to full blown global currency Read More Here

(ListulersBlog) – The Social Security Scam – Why all taxpayers must file income tax returns – Read More Here

(Bloomberg) – JPMorgan’s Masters Urges No `Panic’ as Commodities Unit Slips – Read More Here

(CharlieVLog) – Video: R E V O L T I N G ! ! – View Video Here

(CNBC) – Video: Gerald Celente – The bailout bubble is the mother of all bubbles – Video Link Here

(ABCNews) – Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner: Unemployment Could Go Up Before It Comes Down

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner acknowledged that it is still a “tough economy” for most Americans, and warned it’s possible the unemployment rate will go up for a couple of months before it comes down as more people enter the labor force. Read More Here

(MyBudget360) – Commercial real estate maturities will peak in 2012 – $350 billion in loans coming due and hundreds of additional bank failures. Bank lending in the CRE market collapsing – Read More Here

(LATimes) – Mexicana Airlines files for bankruptcy

Debt-ridden carrier announces filings in Mexico and the U.S. one day after suspending 31 flights in the two countries. It blames much of its financial trouble on high labor costs. Read More Here

(ZeroHedge) – Meredith Whitney Even More Bearish On Housing And Financials – Tyler Durden

Meredith Whitney appeared on CNBC earlier and was about as bearish as ever, not only on financials, but on housing as well. In addition to saying that she expects the housing market to get worse in Q3 and Q4, the maven again reiterated the blatantly obvious, namely that all the recent earnings beats by financials have been an accounting sham driven by: Read More Here


(Bloomberg) – Argentina Has Colder Winter Than Antartica, Spurring Record Power Imports

Argentina is importing record amounts of energy as the coldest winter in 40 years drives up demand and causes natural-gas shortages, prompting Dow Chemical Co. and steelmaker Siderar SAIC to scale back production. Read More Here

(CFact) – Video: Unlikely Skeptic – A Liberal Environmentalist challenges Global Warming Theory

Dr. Denis Rancourt speaks to Marc Morano on his views on the politics and science of global warming. “They look to comfortable lies” says Rancort with regard to global warming believers. Video Link Here


(SchiffVLog) – Video: Dollar Collapse – Peter Schiff – August 3, 2010 – Short Covering on The Euro? –


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