Extremely Urgent act right now

(BuckshotSurvival) – The Land and Water Conservation Bill passed the House last Thursday and will be voted on in the Senate tomorrow or Thursday or Friday. At least that is Senator Reid’s intent. This bill authorizes expenditure of $900 MILLION A YEAR FOR 40 YEARS TO BUY, BY SALE OR CONDEMNATION, PRIVATE PROPERTY AND PUT IT UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTROL. The sponsors are trying to convince off road operators that this is to create recreation areas on private lands converted to government use. Only a few drawbacks: the bill also expands the Endangered Species Act to include and protect ALL SPECIES, NATIVE AND NONNATIVE WHETHER THEY ARE ENDANGERED, THREATENED, OR NOT. THE Bill says that every federal manager must use all management practices “to the maximum possible” extent to protect the health and sustainability of species of plants and animals that are native to the land being managed and that are nonnative but would add to the diversity of species. NOW DO THEY THINK WE ARE ALL DUMMIES? Every nonnative species will add to the diversity of species if it arrives at a place it did not exist before!!!! So, the bill allows, no demands, every federal manager to certify that he has monitored and evaluated to make sure that no activity on that land will do any harm to the health or sustainability of any species of plant or animal on the land. That is an open invitation to the forest supervisors and rangers and BLM managers to delay and then restrict grazing, operation of off road motorized vehicles, timber thinning, fire wood cutting, berry picking, horseback riding, hiking, hunting, fishing IF HE FINDS ANY CHANCE WHATEVER THAT ANY OF SUCH ACTIVITIES MIGHT HARM THE HEALTH OR SUSTAINABILITY OF ANY SPECIES OF PLANT OR ANIMAL. Does the shooting of a deer harm the health or sustainability of the species? Put that question into the hands of some one like Sharon in the Shasta-Trinity and you see the problem. Off road vehicle operators don’t be deceived, this bill is not for you, it is for government control of private land, and the more the government of the US buys with the $900 million per year, the lower the tax base for local government revenue. There is no senate bill number. HR 3534 passed by a few votes in the House last week. Senator Reid is believed to be trying to sneak it into one of the other bills he is insisting be passed tomorrow or Thursday (after debate on Kagan). This is a democrat bill, but years ago the republicans pulled the same trick with CARA—-and Don Young managed to convince the outdoor recreation folks that it was good for them because more ground would be taken out of private hands. What he didn’t tell them was that the land was then going to be managed by the federal employees in even a more restrictive way. CARA had the same provisions as to species that this bill has, but the outdoor recreation folks didn’t realize it until the fight was on the Senate. We are at that same exact spot this time. We defeated CARA in the Senate, and this bill can be defeated in the Senate too. Every person who likes to recreate, graze, log, cut fire wood, fish, hunt, collect rocks or berry pick hike or ride horses on public lands NEEDS TO CALL HIS OR HER SENATOR IF HE IS REPUBLICAN AND TALK AGAINST THE BILL. It won’t do any good to call your Democrat Senator. But call your Republican Senator, and then call, fax, and email Senator Mike Crapo, Senator Tom Coburn, Senator Jim Demint and Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and any other Republican you can reach and tell him To stand tall and VOTE TO HOLD THE BILL, DON’T LET SENATOR REID GET 60 VOTES. Read the attached article for some points you can use in your message. Don’t just say “Vote against the Land and Water Conservation Bill” Say “I oppose the Land and Water conservation bill that lets $900 MILLION be spent to buy private property for 40 years without any other appropriaton by Congress and that expands the endangered species act by making it apply to all native and nonnative species whether endangered or not.”

Please take time to call the following Senators although you are NOT in their district.
You can reach any of the senators at 202-224-3121——-especially call Senators Mike Crapo, Tom Coburn, James Risch, all can be reached at that number.Fred Kelly Grant A power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many and various and powerful interests, combined into one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in the banks. “faith” is a tenet of religion, not of politicsJohn C. CalhounRep and Senator from South CarolinaSecretary of WarVice President of the United States

Source: Buckshot Survival

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